Edema of the ear shell

Perichondritis of the external ear is an inflammation of the auricle. It occurs because of infection in the perichondrium (a dense shell of connective tissue covering the cartilage).

The main symptom of the perichondritis of the external ear ispain in the ear canal and / or in the auricle. Later there is swelling, hyperemia (filling the body with blood), between the cartilage and perichondrium, purulent foci are formed, which look like bumps. The pathological process gradually captures the entire auricle with the exception of the lobe - there is no cartilage. The auricle is enlarged, thickened, its surface red and shiny. If there is an abscess, then the ear hurts when touched. The body temperature is high. 38-39 ° C, is accompanied by weakness, frustration. Because of the constant pain in the ear, a person suffers from insomnia. After a while the cartilage melts in the purulent process, dies, and the auricle deforms.

Perichondritis of the external ear develops wheninfection in the perichondrium. Most often, the cause of this disease is Pseudomonas aeruginosa. And she gets there with injuries of the auricle, burns. insect bites, ear abrasions or an external auditory canal, with abrasions being microscopic. Also, perichondritis can develop as a complication of the flu. tuberculosis or furuncle. formed in the external auditory canal.

Depending on the origin, the primary and secondary perichondrites are divided. Primary develops as a result of damage, and secondary - complications after the disease.

Distinguish serous and purulent forms of perichondritisexternal ear. With purulent perichondritis there is a purulent inflammation, which not only grabs the perichondrium, but also the cartilage itself. This form is severe and leads to a change in the shape of the auricle. With serous form of cartilage is not damaged, and the disease itself is not so violently. However, the serous form, if left untreated or treated incorrectly, can develop into a purulent form.

At the first symptoms it is necessary to turn tootorhinolaryngologist. To make the correct diagnosis is not difficult, just a visual examination and a thorough questioning of the patient. However, two analyzes are still required: a general blood test and a bacteriological study of the purulent discharge.

Differentiate the perichondrite of the outer ear with phlegmon, erysipelas or otohematoma.

First, an anti-inflammatory andAntibiotic therapy, and antibiotics are chosen depending on the sensitivity of the microorganism that caused the disease. Locally, or make lotions from 70 percent alcohol, boric acid or Burov's liquid, or lubricate with iodine solution. Then physiotherapy - UHF, UFO, UHF and X-ray therapy (the type of radiation therapy in which X-rays irradiate the organ or a restricted area of ​​the body) is prescribed.

If there is a suppuration, the help of the surgeon is required. It is necessary to make a wide incision parallel to the contours of the auricle, remove the necrotic cartilage, scrape out the abscess cavity and insert a tampon with the antibiotic. The cavity of the abscess is washed 3-4 times a day with an antibiotic solution and drained.

During treatment, the patient needs peace and proper nutrition.

The prognosis of the disease is favorable, however, even with timely and correct treatment, it is not always possible to avoid deformation of the auricle.

Prevention of external ear perichondritisis the correct treatment of any mechanical damage to the ear. These include injuries, scratches, wounds, abrasions, bites and bruises. With such damage, it is necessary to properly sanitize the wound. Also need to timely treat infectious diseases of the ears, so they do not become a cause of purulent inflammation and did not require surgery. If the purulent inflammation has developed, you need to determine exactly what caused it and correctly choose an antibiotic.

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