Edema of the urethra sponges

When asked about almost one in three patients(29.9%) indicated discomfort in the urethra (tickling, crawling, slight itching), burning in the urethra (16.3%), unpleasant odor (23.7%). Complaints were not made by 30.1% of patients. The above complaints were established mainly in patients with mixed urogenital infection.

On discharge from the urethra of the mucous nature32 patients (26.2%) and mucopurulent nature of 16 patients (12.3%) indicated. The remaining 75 people marked scant excretions in the form of a "morning drop". When gardnerellez (monoinfection), the discharge was often watery, gray in color and with an unpleasant odor.

When examining the mouth of the urethra, 27 patientshyperemia and edema of the urethral sponges; in 49 minor hyperemia and pasteurism of the urethral sponges; in 42 the glued urethra sponges. Pastoznost and glued urethra sponges were noted in patients mainly with gardnerelleznom urethritis. In patients with gardnerellez urine in the first and second portions was usually transparent and contained single or multiple small mucous membranes and rarely mucopurulent filaments.

With a mixed infection, urine was often turbid infirst or both. In the prepared smears from the separated urethra examined, in all cases, the key and epithelial cells, leukocytes were found, the number of the latter in the smears varied significantly (in 49 people it was 0-10 cells, in 44 people - 10-15 cells, in 25 people - 15-20 cells).

In patients with gardnerellezom the number of leukocytesin smears quite often was within the norm. At the same time, as an increased number of epithelial cells were observed more often. In 47 patients, suspected sources of infection were examined. 43 of them have bacterial vaginitis.
Treatment gardnerelleza men conductedtrihopol, clindamycin, makmirorom, tinidazol, atrikan, naksozhinom. With a co-infection, patients were prescribed doxycycline, nizoral in conventional dosages. The results of treatment of patients are presented in the table.

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