With edema in lactostasis

Physiotherapy with lactostasis is usedis widely enough, as it is considered to be an effective procedure in the treatment of this disease and allows you to quickly get rid of seals, preventing the emergence of an infectious process and, as a consequence, mastitis. Another plus of physiotherapy is the absence of pain and complete safety. Most often, it is recommended that women undergo ultrasound to eliminate stagnant phenomena, in addition, electrophoresis using herbal medicines may also be prescribed. Together with the phenomena of inflammation, cracks in the nipple region can also occur. With outpatient treatment, one procedure per day is enough, with intensive therapy, the number of sessions is increased to three procedures per day.

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Ultrasound is used quite often, ithelps to get rid of seals. With lactostasis, painful densities develop in the mammary gland, which is accompanied by the expansion of venous vessels in the region of milk accumulation. Even after expressing with the disease, pain and discomfort do not disappear. Ultrasound with lactostasis helps break up the stagnant milk and allows you to simultaneously massage the mammary glands.

Normalization of milk production inquantity, the necessary child, does not happen immediately. Milk comes from the mother usually on the third day after the birth of the baby and is often formed in a large volume, which the newborn simply can not suck entirely. So, the probability of the appearance of symptoms of the disease increases significantly during this period. The women who gave birth to the first child are most susceptible to lactostasis, since the ducts of the mammary glands have not yet been developed, sinuous and narrow. With incomplete emptying of the chest in its ducts, pressure increases, as well as inside individual parts of the organ, resulting in edema and infiltration of adjacent tissues.

With prolonged congestion, the milk is reabsorbed, which acquires pyrogenic properties, which leads to a rise in temperature in the patient.

There are many causes of lactostasis, the mainof them are: rejection of breastfeeding, irregular breastfeeding, a rare or improper application of the baby to the breast. So, the correct location of the child's mouth relative to the nipple allows the mammary gland to completely.

Treatment of lactostasis with folk remedies

The main cause of lactostasis isstagnation of milk, hence the main recommendations for the prevention and treatment of the disease. For a nursing mother, it is important not to supercool, change the position of the baby during feeding, express milk with stagnant phenomena, wear comfortable underwear.

Lactostasis is characterized by quite unpleasantsymptoms that cause discomfort during feeding. The disease is accompanied by painful sensations, seals, an increase in temperature, in addition, if you do not pay enough attention to the first symptoms, lactostasis can.