Edema of the right palm

Swelling and pain in the palm of your hand, please help!

Good afternoon! Dear doctors, help or assist please advice or council or even direct where to move further.

1. the floor of the Female. 27 years old, height 169, weight 56.
2. Bad habits-smoking
3. Concomitant diseases: bronchial asthma, endometriosis with cysts on the ovaries (hormonal treatment has not yet been carried out, there is a question about the operation), cervical osteochondrosis with protrusion, but it was not hernia at the moment, protrusion around 5-6 vertebra, allergy (mainly on flowering and dust), fibrocystic mastopathy (oncology in the genus of a breast cancer mother, father of a caecum, grandmother: breast cancer)

In summer there was a problem with the left arm, weakness inthe hand, with the raising of the hand, there was a strong weakness in it, it was treated by a neurologist, a diagnosis of cervicobrahialgia, then it was done and in the cervical spine there was an osteochondrosis and protrusion of the disc between the 5/6 vertebra. It was treated with NSAIDs (nimulex, celeprex). massage.
At the moment, for 3 weeksworried about the left hand, I'll try to explain exactly where exactly: below the base of the thumb, on the inside of the palm (not on the back!). the pillow is soft, here it is swollen, swollen, there was a pain of the palpation, a little pain with the removal of the finger in this place, then the very joint of the thumb of the big one got sick, it was painful to remove and bring the finger (the pain of the joint). touch the joint.
Appealed to the surgeon (in the end, to two). began taking tselebreksa and ointment aeralt, ketonal, niz. pain in the joint has gone through a few days, but this swelling still remains, to press it is not so painful, but it is inflated. When lifting weights begins to ache a little and periodically, as the weight increases, the pain spreads higher up the arm. Also a week after discovering this, I noticed that at the base of all the fingers on my arm there was also a swelling, soft and painless. Those. on the palm of your hand, at the base of your fingers the podule was swollen .. and as if a small swelling of the palm along the edge, the edge of the palm, the soft tissue is slightly swollen.
At one of the receptions at the surgeon he made mecompress Vazhnevsky ointment with alcohol, said to wear 3 days, but having slept with this compress the night, in the morning found the strongest maceration of the skin in this place (like a soaked apple). and the swelling became larger. For a few days it all came down, now the burnt skin has peeled off and the swelling of the soft tissue has remained, and a little soreness. Also the surgeon wrote out wearing an orlett bracelet wrs-305. but when I was wearing it for literally two hours, I got a hand in the middle of the palm near my wrist and the pain is in my wrist, at the beginning of the brush, as if ... I do not use this orthesis, the pain in my palm / wrist seems to have died down. As a result, I was at three surgeons, the first has written the diagnosis. fibromyositis I and left hand (if properly disassembled), the second said inflammation of the tendon / muscle. and by the third I came with pain after wearing orthosis and he said that this tunnel syndrome of the carpal tunnel, and wrote out all tezhe ointments and compresses with dimexidum. Also has suggested to buy other ortez, on a wrist and not on a finger ... Also was at the rheumatologist, she has told or said that at me a syndrome «a shoulder a brush» since I have told about a problem in the summer with the left arm or hand, has connected all this together vobshchem. Has sent off to hand over analyzes: a roentgen of a brush, LE cells, antibodies to DNA-at present I wait for result of analyzes. On a x-ray of brushes-all is good, any deviations or rejections. US of joints did not do or make.
Analyzes of a blood also handed over.
The general or unwrapped analysis of a blood, soe, leucocytes-all in norm or rate. Uric acid is normal, rheumatoid factor and with reactive protein are normal. The blood is calm.
No strikes, no trams, no stretching of the brush. Work sedentary at the computer all day. I do not do sports. Edinsvennoe-sometimes I carry heavy bags from the store. And about the left hand, I talk a lot on the phone at work, with my left hand I hold the phone, very much and very often. This is the only load on the left arm. I'm right handed, I hold my mouse with my right hand.
I ask for help, what should I do next? To what doctor to go? Observed with a rheumatologist? Continue to drink tsellebex / arthrosan?
The only changes in my life for the last2 months: I go to a cosmetologist, underwent a course of biorevitalization, injections of hyaluronic acid (Yalupro drug) were carried out. 3 injections into the face, neck, and 1 times pricked in the back of the hands. I do not know if this can be linked to the problem that bothers me now.

My question is, what do I have with my hand and whatthe examination still needs to be done, and to what kind of grumbling all the same, the surgeon / trauma / rheumatologist? Also I put a photo of a hand and disturbing places it was surrounded by a red line.