Claritin edema quinta

Настя on February, 24th, 2014 At me medicamentousan allergy, namely, angioedema. I have been taking Claritin for more than 10 years. I wear it all the time in my purse. At any displays of an allergy, (and she at me is shown in current of 2-3 minutes and I start to choke), I at once drink one tablet. No side effects, excellent drug. This is the only thing that helps me. And does not cause, by the way, drowsiness. Time-tested. 10 years, all the same. 0 agree, 0 do not agree

Claritin is an antihistamine, selectiveblocker of H1-receptors. The active substance of the drug is loratadine, a tricyclic compound. After taking 10 mg (one dose) or several doses of the drug on the basis of carrying out skin tests for histamine, it was found out that the pronounced antihistamine action develops in 1-3 hours and reaches a peak value in the range from 8 to.

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