Edema after the airplane

Many passengers of long flights are surprisedThe fact that their feet swelled after the flight. And most of them are thinking about what needs to be done in this case. Experts recommend to go to your room at the hotel and lie down so that your legs are above your body, it's best to lean on them against the wall. Thus, the outflow of blood from the lower limbs will occur, which means that it will be easier to tread.

During the flight, which lasts from eight to ten hours, leg edema can not be avoided. However, you can try to minimize it. For this every hour you have to walk around the salon and it is best to perform anyexercises for the lower part of the body. Or being in your place on the plane, to make movements that will contribute to a full blood flow throughout the body.

For example, you can strain the muscles of the buttocks, fromtwenty to forty times, then bend and unbend the knees the same number of times. Then, the same principle should be used to train the abdominal muscles. The neck, neck and shoulders also need a full blood supply and also suffer during long flights. Therefore, their muscles must also be strained and relaxed.

Swelling of the feet helps remove some medications. which you can get on your prescriptiontreating doctor or buy immediately at the pharmacy. However, these medications are temporary relief, which should be used occasionally. The main advice that helps to avoid leg edema is to consume less fluids and contract all the muscles of the body while the air travel lasts.

4 comments on "Why the feet swelled after the flight, what to do"

From my own experience I can say that theafter flights appears for the same reasons that it flowed out when you are sitting in the office. Of course this is IMHO, but still if your feet are motionless for several hours, then it's understandable that it will be over.
But still, if you are too lazy to do a littlewarm-up during the flight, you can drink tea from time to time, or something else and cover your legs with a blanket. But if you get carried away first, then you have to run anyway.

During a long flight, and not onlylong, it is possible and necessary to arrange a warm-up, but in the cabin it does not always seem appropriate. So you can warm up, for example, in the toilet. And sitting should not only strain the buttocks, but also the muscles of the legs. For example, I, due to my growth is not able to pull them sitting in the chair, I rest on the front seat back.

All the time in the plane, I put on soft shoes toavoid discomfort when swelling. My swelling becomes less, if I get up, warm up and a couple of minutes I walk around the salon. A friend-doctor advised me to eat less salt for a day, so that water does not stay in the body, and drink less during the flight itself.

This is my eternal problem - swelling after the flight. Especially bags under the eyes and swollen face. Councils are good, I will use it. Maybe they can help. I have adapted after the flight of excess liquid to remove tea from the leaves of cranberries, the pharmacy sells. And under the eye mask. And it's even better to go to a sauna or a bath, in a moment all swelling will go away, if health, of course, allows after the flight.