Troxevasin relieves swelling

In connection with this, troxevasin is effective in hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids - a disease to which there ishereditary predisposition. Hemorrhoids are expanded venous plexuses of the rectum. The veins become large and full-blooded due to high pressure on the pelvic organs, including the wall of the large intestine.

Pressure may increase for various reasons,but often they act together, for example, a long sitting position at work, unbalanced diet, low physical activity, frequent constipation accompanied by severe straining, obesity, childbirth and pregnancy. All this disturbs the outflow of blood from the veins of the rectum, they increase in size.

However, the prolapse of the hemorrhoidal nodes from the anal canal is often associated with the hereditary weakness of the venous wall and ligamentous apparatus, which holds the vein in the wall of the rectum.

Often such hemorrhoids are accompanied withvaricose veins on the legs, as well as in other areas of the body. That is why one of the main directions of hemorrhoid treatment is strengthening of the venous wall and bringing it into tone.

To this end, the widely known drug troxevasin is used, which is available in various dosage forms, making its use as convenient and effective as possible.

For external use can be usedtroxevasin ointments and gels that are applied to the hemorrhoids in the anus after hygiene procedures. The gel base allows the drug to penetrate the interior of the affected areas quickly enough through the skin and reach maximum concentration in this area. The gel is used twice a day, applied to the fallen hemorrhoids, but not to ulcerated skin. The course of treatment is usually from one to three months, but definitively it will be determined only by a specialist after the examination.

Suppositories or suppositories are injected directly into theanal canal after act of defecation. Capsules of troxevasin for internal use can also be used. Of course, the maximum therapeutic effect is achieved with the regular use of several dosage forms in conjunction with adherence to the diet, special gymnastics and the abandonment of bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Troxevasin has a pronounced venoprotectiveaction, and also has a beneficial effect on capillaries. This means that the wall of the venous plexus of the rectum strengthens, becomes more firm and elastic. Thanks to this, the outflow of blood from the hemorrhoidal nodes considerably improves, they decrease in size and cease to fall out from the anal canal.

Also, troxevasin relieves inflammation, swelling, itching and eliminates the unpleasant sensations that accompany the course of hemorrhoids, acts of defecation.

Troxevasin preparations are also positiveaffect the rheological properties of the blood, that is, make it more liquid. This means that the risk of developing such a serious complication of hemorrhoids, such as hemorrhoidal thrombosis, is reduced, which in most cases is treated only surgically.

One of the indications for the use of troxevasinis hemorrhoids, accompanied by itching, pain, bleeding and separation of the inflammatory fluid. A group of these drugs are allowed to be used by pregnant women, but only from the second trimester of pregnancy and after consultation with a specialist.

Side effects from troxevasin are developingextremely rare and represent allergic reactions, which must be reported to the treating doctor. The drug is not recommended for use in patients who, along with varicose veins of the rectum (hemorrhoids), have concomitant diseases that are characterized by a risk of bleeding, for example, ulcers, gastritis in the acute phase

For a long time, troxevasin should be used with caution in renal failure.

During breastfeeding, troxevasin can not be used without the advice of a specialist, as the components of the drug can get into the milk and have a negative impact on the health of the child.

How to achieve the best results of treatment?

Strengthening and tonic effect on the vessels of troxevasin is enhanced by simultaneous intake of ascorbic acid - vitamin C in the amount of 50 mg per day.

This drug is quite effective onthe initial stages of hemorrhoids, but cure exacerbated hemorrhoids, it does not help. At the fourth stage of the disease development, surgical treatment is required, but the use of troxevasin even after surgical intervention becomes a good prophylaxis for the further development and complication of hemorrhoids.

Since the second trimester of pregnancy, after 40 years,with sedentary work, troxevasin can be used as a prophylaxis for the development of hemorrhoids, while the dosages are slightly less than during the treatment of the disease.

Remember! Self-medication can cause irreparable consequences for your health! At the first symptoms of the disease, we recommend that you immediately consult a specialist!

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