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As you know, there are hair on the skin of a man. Each hair has a certain anatomical structure, which includes a hair follicle - an onion. Under a boil, one should understand the inflammatory process of the skin, which is caused by the penetration of infection - bacteria - into the structures of the hair sac. There is their development and reproduction, which leads to the formation of a purulent focus in the skin. Perhaps, every person has dealt with a similar disease for once. Much more often furuncles occur on other parts of the body. But a similar disease can occur in the tissues of the skin of the nose and auditory canal.

The initial sections of the nasal tissues have an area whereas in other parts of the human skin, there is a scalp. This area is called the vestibule of the nose. It is here that furuncles occur. Reasons for development inside the nose of the boil can be a lot. The main ones are:
Skid infection in soft tissue by contact -through dirty hands, hygiene items and care products, low-quality water. In the presence of chronic foci of infection, such as adenoids, chronic adenoiditis, chronic sinusitis, in which there is a long-term infection in the nasal cavity, paranasal sinus and nasopharynx - periodic contact of the nasal discharge (mucus, pus) with the tissues of the nasal artery occurs. This creates the conditions for the penetration of the infection into the structures of the hair bag of the vestibule of the nose.
With a decrease in the protective (immune) forces of the body. Immunodeficiency states lead to a decrease in the activity of protective substances on the surface of the skin and the body as a whole. In this case, furuncles can occur on any part of the human skin.
Parasitosis. This factor is especially relevant in children. Conditions such as giardiasis in adults or children, enterobiosis, opisthorchiasis are the strongest factors causing allergies, a violation of the body's immune responses. Against this background, furuncles often occur.
There are other reasons for the occurrence of furuncles of the vestibule of the nose, but most often it is a banal infection of the infection in soft tanni by contact.

It would seem - what is special about this? Common acne, which can periodically occur in different areas of the skin. You can just "squeeze" it and the problem is solved! However, not all so simple. Doing this yourself is strictly not recommended, and there is a reasonable explanation for this.
First, we must not forget that anterior nasal boil is a purulent-inflammatory process in the soft tissues of the head. And as you know, the head should be taken seriously.
Secondly, there is a peculiarity of blood supplysoft tissues of the head. The fact is that the blood from the whole body through the veins flows to the heart. As for the scalp, here is another situation. The peculiarity of the venous blood supply in this area is that the blood flows not to the heart, but the cranial cavity. This means that all substances that enter the blood from the facial skin tissues can enter the brain tissue through the veins. That is why in no case should you try to "squeeze out" pimples inside the nose. on the nose, on the eve of the nose or other areasface, because the infection can get into the blood and through the veins spread into the brain tissue. In addition, getting into the venous bed, the infection can cause an inflammatory process in the veins - a local thrombophlebitis of the superficial veins of the face, which in turn can lead to a very serious complication: thrombosis of the cavernous sinus of the brain. This complication often leads to death.
Thus, it can be concluded that anterior nasal boil - a fairly serious disease, which should be treated with great care and in no case do self-medication.

The onset of the disease is acute. There is slight discomfort in the area of ​​the vestibule of the nose, which gradually builds up and passes into painful sensations. Pain can be mild and severe. What depends on the location of the boil and its prevalence. Perhaps the absence of pain in rest and its appearance when touching before the threshold of the nose, a sharp inhalation or exhalation through the nose. At the same time there is swelling - swelling of the soft tissues, the skin in the area of ​​the nasal arena acquires a reddish shade - inflammatory hyperemia. This condition lasts from a few hours to 2-3 days, after which a softening spot appears in the top of the furuncle in the form of a pale area with a visible outbreak of pus. However, this does not always happen. The property of any ulcer is the desire for a breakthrough. With boils, the purulent discharge can break not only outward, but also into the surrounding deep tissues of the face. There may be swelling and soreness of the upper lip, eyelids, edema of cheek in a furuncle. The appearance of the last symptoms is an absolute indication for performing a furuncle opening in a specialized ENT room. Furuncle of nose can break through independently. This can happen either spontaneously, or with careless touching the boil.
Furuncle can form not only investibule of the nose, but also in other areas: on the back of the nose, the wing of the nose. The manifestations of furuncles of other parts of the nose practically do not differ from the clinic of the furuncle of the vestibule of the nose.

First of all, do not try to takeindependent treatment actions. The best option is to contact an ENT doctor at a polyclinic or hospital who will give the necessary recommendations, and if there is evidence, an autopsy will be performed. Dissection of the boil is usually performed under local anesthesia and for the patient is painless. In young children, it is advisable to perform an autopsy of the nasal boil under general anesthesia. The fact is that after opening the boil for several days, it is necessary to carry out dressings. If the child negatively perceives the procedure of autopsy - it will be very difficult to persuade him to be dressed.
The meaning of treatment inside the nose of the boil. as well as any purulent focus - give an outflowpurulent discharge, and then provide permanent drainage from the wound. The most simple means is a hypertonic solution of sodium chloride (10%), a dressing with which is applied to the area of ​​the boil after dissection. The main condition - the dressing should be constantly wet.
Simple (not complicated) furuncles of the nose canto be treated out-patient and do not require hospitalization. But if the patient has swelling of the soft tissues of the cheeks, lips or eyes, this is an absolute indication for hospitalization and further in-patient observation. Hospitalization can be carried out in the usual surgical department, but the best option is observation in the ENT surgical hospital, since it is the ENT surgeon who can correctly treat the nasal boil furuncle.
In any case, always remember that thisthe disease can cause serious complications that can lead to death, so do not be lazy to show yourself to the doctor, especially if it is about the health of the child.

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