Swelling around the mouth

The cause of the appearance of edema is accumulation in tissueshuman body excess fluid. Edema can appear in a variety of places, the cause of their occurrence can also be quite diverse. Sometimes the cause of edema is:

  • wrong way of life
  • malnutrition
  • consuming a lot of liquid or excessive amounts of salty foods
  • reception of significant doses of alcohol.

The frequent cause of edema on the face -inconveniently located during sleep, head, work in a tilted position, sleep on the stomach, lack of sleep. Appearing in such cases, edema, in particular edema around the eyes - a phenomenon that is certainly unpleasant, but easily correctable.

But often the appearance of edema around the eyes, edemaextremities or the development of a general edema may be caused by the presence of serious diseases of internal organs and body systems. First, swelling around the eyes can be a consequence:

  • allergic reaction of the body to cosmetics
  • eye drops
  • some medicines. Such a reaction of the body should not be unnoticed, the patient will need to eliminate the source of allergy. To find out the cause of frequent edema, it is best to consult a doctor.

Emerging problems with tear ducts can also cause inflammation of the eyelid and the appearance of edema. With this problem, an ophthalmologist can help.

Serious examination and treatment will requirecardiovascular diseases, anemia, kidney disease. Often, swelling around the eyes - the first signal of the body about the presence of a deviation in the work of these organs. Long-lasting edemas on the face require mandatory full examination of the patient and careful treatment under the supervision of a doctor.

For a while, eliminate puffiness around the eyes will help:

  • cold packs of tea bags
  • slices of cucumber from the refrigerator
  • towels soaked in cold boiled water.

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