Swelling of sinusitis

One of the complications is the swelling of the eye whensinusitis, as the inflamed sinus is above the eye. The surrounding tissues of the eye react with an increase in their size if neighboring organs are affected by the infection. If the sinusitis is unilateral, then the enlargement and swelling occur on the same side.

  • increased upper eyelid;
  • inflammation of the lower eyelid;
  • red bag under the eye.

Close proximity of sinuses and lacrimal ductsThe angle of the eye leads to the development of conjunctivitis. Often, swelling provokes mechanical squeezing of olfactory receptors, a false reaction of nerves, in the form of pains in the jaw and teeth.

Why do o okglaznye appear?

Causes of bags under the eyes:

  • difficult outflow of fluid;
  • tissue reaction;
  • mechanical impact;
  • general intoxication;
  • decrease in kidney function due to taking antibiotics.

This is a fairly rare symptom of the acute phasesinusitis. Usually, the treatment begins before the appearance of such a visual change in the face, or it quickly returns to normal. If the inflammation has spread to the orbit, then swelling after sleep, inflammation of the membrane and the wall of the eye will be noticeable.

Edema under the eyes is a consequence of increased intraocular pressure, due to an increase in maxillary sinuses. The contraction of lacrimal ducts increases tearing, known as "crying bags".

Eyes quickly adapt to the situation,increases blood flow (arterial hyperemia). Therefore, the bags are painted red, the temperature increases locally, the skin becomes taut and thin.

Improvements in blood circulation allow faster delivery of the treatment to the inflamed area, and also provide the tissues with the necessary oxygen.

The complication will necessarily pass independentlyafter the beginning of drug treatment of sinusitis. In the inflammatory process, special drops and ointments are prescribed, which are placed behind the eyelid. They have a vasoconstrictor character, and also speed up the blood flow.

Locally, for cosmetic effects, you can dolight massage around the eye area through active biotics to improve the outflow of mucus. It is allowed to apply light wiping and lotions with cold water.