Edema of neck behind

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Many of us often face situations,when the neck from behind, very badly hurts, after a dream in particular. "Blow", - we think, smear with ointment and go to work. This disregard for your condition is explained by the fact that the pain in the neck behind appears not the first time, and "ointment always helps me." Yes, indeed, very often the pain causes normal myositis, for the treatment of which it is sufficient to use anti-inflammatory ointments. However, there are also more serious diseases, in which the neck hurts from behind. Treatment of such pathologies requires patience, time and effort.

Most often, the neck hurts behind the neckosteochondrosis. This disease occurs in many residents of our country, especially in office workers, whose work is characterized by a long sitting in one place and a fixed position of the head. Unfortunately, very few employers pay attention to the compliance of workplaces of their employees with hygiene standards. As a result, when working at a computer, the head is for a long time in one position, often unnatural, which leads to the development of an osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

For a number of reasons (unfortunately, even scientists do notcame to a common opinion about them) the intervertebral disc loses its elasticity, as a result of which its protrusion arises. The liquid core of the disc protrudes to either side, squeezing the nerve roots. Therefore, the neck starts to hurt behind right or left. The natural outcome of the protrusion is a herniated intervertebral disc, when the released part of the nucleus is no longer able to return to its own place. At this stage, conservative treatment brings only a temporary effect. Only surgery can radically save the patient from pain in the neck.

Radiography of the cervical spine more oftenall is a sufficient diagnostic procedure, explaining why the neck hurts from behind. In a few more rare cases, you may need a magnetic resonance imaging, which allows you to accurately find out where the hernia is located, determine its size and decide the need for surgery, its scope and tactics of the doctor.

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