Remove urine edema

From the depths of the centuries one denserignorance - "treatment" by urine. It would seem that Nature took care of people not to use this "product", having supplied it with an unpleasant smell. It would seem that a thousand-year experience has proved the inconsistency of such therapy. But just like ancient ancestors, superstitiously inventing "recipes" from donkey, canine, human urine, people of our century are experimenting with themselves and close ones. And even invented this mockery of a harmonious name - urinotherapy.

- Here you do not believe in urinotherapy, and I evenwas younger! - proved to the doctors of one of the Perm hospitals working in her elderly nurse. - Was already a grandmother, and again became a woman! The result, as you can see, is obvious.
The woman drank her own urine, hoping soheal the tumor and avoid gynecological surgery. Time passed, the tumor degenerated into a malignant tumor. And the woman took bleeding from an unhealed ulcer for renewed menstruation. A walking literature, propagandizing the nonexistent miracle properties of urine, only strengthened this confidence in her.

I have one of these brochures in my hands - "Livewater, or urinotherapy. "It is unclear where and by whom it was published, but it is not known by whom what is edited, but categorically declaring that urine is" a universal remedy for all external and internal health disorders. "" Everything heals "is absolutely everything: burns, venereal diseases, nephritis, colitis , baldness, obesity, and even do not believe it saves you from hunger. "After rubbing with urine, a doctor even with instruments can not detect that a person has not eaten anything," I read on one of the pages.
And we, the stupid ones, are being killed because of the high cost of livingmedicines. We serve bread for the poor. Why, it is asked, if literally everyone owns untold wealth - a reservoir with "living water". Just know, substitute a mug, drink and rub. And you will be healthy, full and young. So?
- Not this way! - one voice is answered by phthisiatricians, urologists, diabetologists, cardiologists. Examples, when patients brought themselves to a serious condition, taking urine with diseases of the kidneys, blood, heart, genitals, is in every hospital. No one knows the real healed lucky ones.

- Traditional medicine recommends the use of urinewith abrasions, bruises. Is it true that sometimes it helps to remove the swelling? - I'm interested in traumatologists. But, it turns out, they are much more likely to encounter a reverse reaction.
That's my grandmother, who has now come to the reception in the emergency room, that on the street of the Ignatov brothers in Perm, instead of relief from applying a "compress" with urine to a large bruise, she received dermatitis.
- A rash, redness, swelling is a traditional reaction to such "treatment" of bruises, - experts say.

And here is another authoritative opinion.
- We already have to observe patients who haveafter a prolonged drinking of his own urine develops a serious condition in the form of vomiting, profuse diarrhea and even bleeding from ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract, "Professor I. Derevianko, head of the urological clinic of the Stavropol Medical Academy, writes in the" Medical Gazette ". - Such patients usually fall into infectious hospitals with erroneous diagnoses: dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera. No pathogenic intestinal flora is detected, and all symptoms disappear after the termination of urinotherapy.

Do people know that they actually drink?

After all, urine is nothing more than an exhausted and therefore discarded organism. blood.
- For a day through the vessels of the kidneys is 1500liters of blood, - says the senior lecturer of PGMA, MI Davidov. - In the glomerulus of the kidneys, it is filtered. As a result, primary urine is formed from serum - 180 liters. It moves along the renal tubules. And during this movement, the most valuable and necessary substances for the body are reabsorbed - absorbed back into the blood. A poisonous and unnecessary, dissolved in water, form a so-called secondary urine, which is output outside. A healthy person allocates it per day from 600 to 2000 milliliters.
Did you compare the volumes? Impressive? This is how powerful the filtration of the necessary and unnecessary is carried out by the organism itself. And he, it agree, best of all determines what is useful and what is not.

Studies show that in the urine of a healthyThe human body contains urea, creatine, uric acid, ammonia, phosphates and other toxic substances, the accumulation of which is incompatible with life. In the urine of sick people there are acetone, salts of heavy metals, bile pigments, bacteria.
And all this rubbish, that the body carefully filtered and thrown away, you need to drive back? Do you regale yourself with portions of frank poison? But this is done by patients who first of all need to get rid of toxins, rather than litter them with their already weakened organs. Which kidneys will withstand it? What kind of super-powerful liver or gastrointestinal tract, watered with toxic products of protein metabolism? In one of the hospitals I was told how a patient who was suffering from urine from lymphogranulomatosis (lymphatic cancer) died, in another, they could not save two women who took their own urine "from the kidneys" against the background of starvation.

They say that history develops in a spiral,repeating on higher turns. Apparently, public stupidity also develops in exactly the same way. The country was already caught on the hook of urinotherapy, which began to blossom back in the 20s of this century. Then, in particular, urine of pregnant women tried to treat impotence in men. It was believed that in such urine there are some specific hormones that turned out to be complete nonsense.

In the early 30-ies in Moscow was even createdState Research Institute of uurovidanotherapy. The corps is selected, a huge staff of scientists is recruited. At the head of it stood an ardent devotee of such treatment AA Zamkov. They created and widely propagandized the drug gravidan. He allegedly solved the problem of aging - increased overall tone, promoted tissue regeneration, accelerated healing of wounds, increased skin elasticity. In short, rejuvenated the body.
But for a long time to give out wishful thinking is notmanaged. Urine remained urine, however it could be used to use it (injected even intravenously), no matter how ennobled. Magic magic properties, she never got. And after several years of disappointment, the institute was closed.
The new wave of urinotherapy rolled again withthe Troubles of the 90s. Urinotherapy is now being presented as a martyr forbidden by official medicine. On a sad experience, sorely-healers simply close their eyes.
How, after all, do we want to believe inmiraculous medicine! The fact that they are natural, available, that they treat everything in a row. This is much easier than taking tests, finding out the causes of illnesses, undergoing complex long-term treatment, adhering to dietary diets.
I specifically asked: do wet urine drink sick animals? They are, as you know, closer to nature than we are. Treat yourself instinctively looking for the necessary herbs, mushrooms, clay. Without any chemistry.
- Neither sick nor healthy animals do not drink urine. Nowhere, never, under any circumstances, - veterinarians assured.
It only seems to people that she seems to have hit her head hard. Otherwise, why would they suddenly rely on their own garbage?