Edema after otoplasty

Immediately after surgery, otoplasty is superimposedA special bandage that protects the ears from the environment and the patient is released home. After otoplasty, as well as after any other operation, in the first few days pain can occur, which is well suppressed by anesthetics.

The next day after otoplasty, the patientcomes to the clinic for dressing. The bandage after the operation should be worn for 5 days, all this time it is necessary to visit the clinic for dressings. Also, to prevent inflammatory complications, it is necessary to take an antibacterial drug. After otoplasty, the area of ​​the ears may feel numb and swollen, but with every week this feeling will become less and less. Bruising and swelling after otoplasty take place a few weeks after the operation. After otoplasty, the hair can be washed on the 6th day, and it is necessary to treat the ears very carefully. On the 6th day, the need for a bandage disappears, the way the primary scar is formed, but for 2 more weeks it will be necessary to wear a tennis tape during sleep, to prevent ear trauma.

To physical exertion it will be possible to return1 month after otoplasty. Sutures after otoplasty should not be removed, as they dissolve in the tissues themselves. A few months after the surgery, you can not be afraid of ear trauma, as the newly formed cartilage will be fixed by its own fibrous tissue, and external influences on the shape of the ear can not influence.

Complications and risk of otoplasty