Swelling of eyebrows causes

Many women want that they always have eyelasheswere thick and long. But, unfortunately, eyelashes over time can thin and shrink in length, or both at the same time. This fact makes you nervous and act immediately. So, let's look at the details, what causes the loss of eyelashes?

Although aging is the most commoncause of loss of eyelashes, but it often occurs in very young women. There are many factors and reasons contributing to this, in addition to aging. These are various allergic reactions, tick infection, mandarosis, eye trauma and others.

To the loss of eyelashes can cause trichotillomania (tearing or plucking of hair), which leads toweakening and loss of eyelashes from the eyelid, or hair on the eyebrows, if plucking was done in this area. When examining the affected hair under a microscope, you can see pronounced dystrophic abnormalities in its bulb.

With frequent and intensive use of cosmetics, especially the one that is applied around the eyes, allergies to cosmetics can occur, which leads to loss of eyelashes.

This mascara, eyeshadow or evenfeeding eyebrow creams. To the problem with eyelashes is also able to bring make-up and some cleansing creams. Too dirty makeup can also cause allergies. So do not get carried away with strong makeup, especially if there is no urgent need.

Such a disease as hypothyroidism (a deficiency of thyroid hormones, often due to the defeat of the thyroid itself), can lead to loss of hair throughout the body and eyelashes including.

The subcutaneous tick, demodicosis . having a tiny size, penetrates into the hairfollicle. Such presence of it there, causes inflammation and swelling, small sores, pimples. The subcutaneous tick likes to settle in the sebaceous glands and in the skin follicles, on the face - in the eyelids, the superciliary, the chin. If you do not do the treatment, the subcutaneous mite will cause the lashes to fall out. Risk factors include people with impaired functions of the sebaceous glands, etc.

Disease blepharitis . that in translation from ancient Greek means"Eyelid", also creates a problem. Its main causative agent is Staphylococcus aureus, viral infection, nasopharyngeal diseases, teeth, etc. Usually it can be noticed immediately, because of the appearance of unnatural itching. There is reddening of the eyelids, swelling and sensitivity to light, the edges of the eyelids are thickened and moisturized.

Treatment of blepharitis, basically, consists in the lubrication of the eyelids with certain medications. This procedure can be done at home yourself, or ask someone from their relatives.

Alopecia (hair loss, baldness) is another reasonfor the loss of eyelashes. However, like hypothyroidism, it can also cause hair loss on other parts of the body, not just the eyelashes and eyebrows. This condition usually occurs in individuals who have autoimmune antibodies, the deficit of which allows them to freely attack the human body.

Androgen-dependent alopecia is not a rare phenomenon in women, and accounts for up to 75% of all causes associated with female hair loss. This type of alopecia is due to heredity and aging of the body.

Elimination of eye trauma can give hope forfurther growth of eyelashes. An exception to this rule may be trichotillomania (if a woman continues plucking out her eyelashes), then there may come a time when they will simply stop growing regardless of what she does.

At allergies, it is necessary to do or make diagnostics and then to pass or take place treatment. Yes, this procedure is long, but what can you do.

Hypothyroidism is treatable, but in most cases the hair grows not so thick or long as before.

Blepharitis requires medical care, whichcan include antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, antioxidants, scrubs and much more. All these problems can take some time to heal. At the same time, this may mean that a woman will be asked to refrain from using cosmetics until the problem is eliminated.

Some women go to radical measures,Eyelash transplantation or lengthening. There is such an operation from 2 to 3 thousand dollars. Eyelash growth costs significantly less - from $ 100, and is very effective.

Some people use to treat miteshome remedies. One of them - applying petroleum jelly on the eyelashes at night. An alternative option is to use olive oil, applying it to the eyelashes with a cotton swab. Then wash everything off in the morning.

As a temporary solution to the problem,undergo treatment - some women use false eyelashes. Of course, this causes inconvenience, but, nevertheless, allows you to look beautiful. This includes eyelash pencil and mascara (if the reason is not allergic to cosmetics), some of them even contain fibers to increase their volume, providing them with a thicker appearance.

Of course, only a brief review of thepossible causes of loss (loss) of eyelashes and eyebrows. This topic is very extensive, one article can not keep up. To solve the problem with eyelashes, you need to do a thorough diagnosis, and only then proceed to treatment.

But, one can say with certainty - take careyour health, lead a healthy lifestyle, eat "healthy" food, give enough time to sleep, watch your immunity and then always look at 100, even in old age.