Edema of the glottis

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Voice device - in breathing easy vertebrate animals and inhuman body, forming a sound by vibrating the elastic vocal cords (or vocal membranes). Airways and cavities (lungs, bronchi, trachea) take part in sound formation; ... ... Great Soviet Encyclopedia

Chondrite (honey.) - Hondrite (from the Greek. chóndros cartilage), inflammation of cartilage and perichondrium. In the cartilage itself, which is poor in blood vessels and nerves, a non-inflammatory, and destructive process (necrosis) develops more often. H. is observed in infectious diseases (pathogens ... ... Great Soviet Encyclopedia

Chondrites - I Hondrite is the most common typestony meteorites, accounting for 90% of all stony meteorites. A characteristic feature of X. is the presence of chondrules contained in the main fine-grained mass of the meteorite. Contain ... ... Great Soviet Encyclopedia

Vote - (Latin vox, French voix, Italian voce, English. voice, German. Stimme). 1) Melodic. line as part of a multi-voiced muses. works. The totality of these lines is mus. the whole texture of the muses. works. The nature of the movement of voices ... ... Music Encyclopedia

ASPHERICAL GLASSES - Aspherical glass, glass, correctingastigmatism of oblique incidence. The aspherical surface is a surface of revolution deviating in a regular manner from the spherical surface. Thus, for each ... ... Great Medical Encyclopedia

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Laryngoscopy - examination of the inner surface of the larynx in a livinga person using a mirror, a laryngoscope inserted into the cavity of the pharynx, and a strong source of sunlight or artificial light guided by an adapted reflector into the mouth. Reflector, ... ... Encyclopedic Dictionary Brockhaus and I.A. Efron

Phonetics - (from the Greek. φωνητικός = sound, voice) department of linguistics, engaged in the study of the sound side of the language. The term is not precise enough and definite. According to its etymological composition, it should mean the doctrine of all kinds of sounds in general, but ... ... Encyclopaedic dictionary FA. Brockhaus and I.A. Efron

Spasmophilia - (from Spasm and the Greek. philia, love, inclination) of childhood tetany, a disease of young children caused by a disorder of calcium metabolism and characterized by increased excitability and a tendency to convulsions .... ... Great Soviet Encyclopedia

LARYNX - GORTAN. Contents: Anatomy, physiology and embryology. 770 The pathology of the larynx. 777 Methods of treatment of larynx diseases. 788 The larynx, carved from a corpse and released from the surrounding soft tissues, represents ... ... Great Medical Encyclopedia

VOTE - VOICE, a universal concept, uniting sounds,outgoing from the larynx of a person, regardless of whether they are intended to express thoughts and feelings or are the result of unconscious reflex muscle movements. In the development of G. must ... ... Great Medical Encyclopedia