Edema during implantation

Edema in the implantation of teeth

The implant requires a dentistmany efforts and accuracy. To ensure that his work is not in vain, the patient, in turn, must perform a number of duties in good faith. Only a joint responsible attitude and cooperation will give a remarkable result, and will reduce the risks of the emergence of postoperative complications.

Cooperation begins with the study of the plantreatment. In it the doctor will already describe what his appointments must be observed scrupulously, starting from the early period, spreading in the first three days after implant implantation and ending with a late postoperative period lasting two to three weeks. All purposes are designed to prevent infection of the joints, which can cause swelling in the implantation of the teeth, and to accelerate the healing process.

Some patients refer to these appointments withneglect. This is their right. Sometimes it happens for some without consequences. But, not everyone is so lucky. There are some sloppy patients who get edema when implanting the teeth of the soft facial tissues, which can be expressed in varying degrees, for example bruises, bruises. Usually such phenomena become visible on the second day or a little later, and within one week they disappear. But the trouble of the moment could be prevented.

So let's pay a little more attention to the sheetappointments. In it the first item is usually introduced antibacterial therapy in combination with probiotic. The second item is prescribed anti-inflammatory and antihistamine drugs, aimed at reducing or preventing inflammation. In the third paragraph, vitamin preparations will be prescribed, including ascorbic acid, a complex of multivitamins that are needed to regulate metabolism and will help the body restore, after the stress has been transferred. This will also include preparations containing calcium. They are recommended to take at least one month. Because calcium is the main component of bone tissue. During implant implantation, she is injured. For its regeneration, calcium is needed, which must be obtained not only in the form of tablets, but also from fermented milk products. And in the final paragraph will be prescribed analgesics or drugs that relieve pain. They will be needed if it is difficult to cope with the pain yourself. A few days of effort will help to return to normal life without complications.