Edema on the glands

Glands are the organs of the immune systemrights. Their purpose is to meet and detain the pathogenic microbes that a person inhales with air. Therefore, their inflammation often occurs.

Usually, the inflammatory process begins acutely. There is pain in the throat area, when a person swallows, there is general weakness, chills, many note the ache in the joints, headache. Body temperature can jump to 41 degrees. The patient feels a general weakness. Lymph nodes, located under the jaw, are painful when probed.

Diseases in which the tonsils are inflamed

Inflamed tonsils are observed in bacterial sore throat. several of its types. The intensity of the inflammatory process in this case is not the same.

With catarrhal angina, the patient complains ofcharacteristic perspiration and burning in the throat, pain when swallowing is moderate. There is a subfebrile temperature, which is kept in the range of 37.3 to 37.5 degrees. There is edematous tonsils, some of them have a plaque consisting of pus and mucus. The tongue is laid, there is a feeling of dryness. Cervical and submandibular lymph nodes are slightly enlarged.

With follicular angina, there is a sharptemperature increase. Usually, it is 38 degrees, and higher. With this disease a person experiences all signs of intoxication - he is shivering, the patient complains of pain in the lumbar region, general weakness. The pain in the throat is stronger, it often "gives" in the ear. The condition of the lymph nodes in this case is more severe, there is pronounced soreness, swelling, a large number of light yellow vesicles - the follicle is observed. Children can vomit, diarrhea.

In the case of lacunar angina, there are similarfollicular angina signs, but they are more pronounced. The tonsils are enlarged and covered with a touch of yellowish white color. In general, this tonsillitis is much heavier.

You should know that the cause of inflamed glands may be not only bacterial angina, but also viral or fungal.

With monocytic angina, the cause of the disease -viruses. In this case, the patient experiences not only pain when swallowing. His spleen and liver are enlarged, changes are observed in all groups of lymph nodes. Similarly, when analyzing the blood, the physician identifies a number of specific changes.

Angina of fungal origin is caused by fungi,which are called conditionally pathogenic, they always exist in the human body. If the immunity is weakened, then a sharp increase in their number occurs. This is the case, for example, if a patient undergoes a course of antibiotic treatment for a long time. With a sore throat of fungal origin on the tonsils is formed a curdy coating. Antifungal agents are used for treatment.

In childhood, often observedherpetic tonsillitis. It is necessary to know that this is a very contagious disease. Method of distribution - airborne path. Among the distinguishing features can be called the formation of small bubbles, which cover both the posterior wall of the pharynx and the tonsils themselves. Bubbles are filled with a liquid of transparent color. Herpetic angina treated with special antiviral drugs.

How does the infection get into the body?and what is the cause of the disease? There are two ways for this. First of all, it's already sick children or adults. When coughing or sneezing, microbes spread and infection of healthy people is guaranteed. Infection occurs not only at the moment when you are near the patient. The disease is transmitted by using common cutlery, towels, and other things. In this regard, if a child is sick with sore throat, he should not contact the household, especially with the elderly and toddlers. After all, this category of people has a weaker immunity, and is more susceptible to various diseases.

Also, there is an internal source that canbecome the cause of the disease. It is an infection that has not been cured in a timely manner. For example, caries, chronic inflammation of the gums, sinusitis. Such bacteria spread, and linger in the natural filter of the body, which is the lymphatic system. Up to a certain point, the tonsils cope with the infection, but eventually their inflammation occurs.

Proper treatment is the guarantee of health of your throat

When treating the throat is one of the mandatory conditionsis a rinse that is done hourly. Antiseptic agents are used for this procedure. There is a flushing of pus, microbes. After forty minutes it is desirable to lubricate the throat with iodine-containing drug Lugol. But for this you need to know that a person is not allergic to iodine.

Many believe that to get rid of tonsillitis is quite enough folk remedies. But this is an erroneous opinion. In this case, the use of antibiotics is required.

When it comes to tonsillitis, with antibioticsyou can not rush, but if the state of health does not improve, then after a week or two you still have to turn to antibiotics. Otherwise, you risk getting a chronic disease. But you need to know that drugs from the group of antibiotics are not effective in combating fungi and viruses.

Of course, in no case can you yourselfprescribe a medicine for yourself or your child. What exactly you should buy - the doctor will decide, after acquaintance with the results of the survey. As a rule, antibiotics are used that have a wide spectrum of action, mainly macrolides. They are accepted from seven to ten days.

How to behave during illness

It is equally important to adhere to during illnesscorrect mode. The patient must spend the first days in bed. In the menu it is necessary to include only light food, which is well absorbed. Preferably semi-liquid consistency, in a warm form.

With fungal angina, the doctor prescribes drugs,which stabilize the intestinal microflora, since this disease is often a consequence of prolonged antibiotic treatment. In addition, you need special antifungal drugs.

If the survey revealed that the diseaseis a concomitant flu, ARVI, then most likely the cause of its occurrence is the virus. Therefore, the doctor prescribes antiviral drugs. A good effect is given by drugs that have an immunomodulatory effect of a local type.

If chronic tonsillitis is accompanied by an allergic component, then calcium gluconate, and antihistamines, are added to the treatment complex. Take them should be at least five days.

At high temperature, children are prescribed panadol,and preparations based on it. If the temperature does not exceed the indicator of 38.5, then it is better to leave it as it is, because in this way the body struggles with the infection. For many bacteria and viruses, the temperature of 38 degrees is fatal. Painful sensations are stopped with the same drugs, so if the pain is very severe, then the medicine should be taken, not considering the temperature.

To ensure disinfection, and reduce pain,you can take medical lollipops. They contain extracts and infusions of medicinal plants. Relief brings and special aerosols, which irrigate the sore throat. You can use homeopathic candies and cough mixture.

In some cases, even the exact execution of all prescriptions of the doctor does not give the desired results. In case of severe illness it is necessary to conduct inpatient treatment.

In any case, it is completely unacceptable to establish a diagnosis on your own and start treatment without consulting an ENT doctor. Take care of yourself, and be healthy!