Edema eyelid forum

2. a guest | | 12.06.2010, 14:10:24 [3877332652]

I had a similar. The eyelids swelled, there was a terrible itch, then the skin cracked and lymph flowed. It was tough. Then the spots began to fall lower, appeared on the chest, forehead, etc. Doctors six months could not diagnose. All the tests were in order, the drugs did not help. I found a doctor who was engaged in non-traditional medicine. And acupressure saved me. Maybe, of course, you are not the same as me. Try nontraditional medicine.

3. a guest | | 12.06.2010, 15:32:48 [1173196537]

I also have swelling, I have not gone to the doctor yet

4. a guest | | 12.06.2010, 17:04:33 [1555566527]

5. NS | | 12.06.2010, 19:34:55 [856423857]

6. a guest | | 12.06.2010, 23:36:28 [2040084674]

7. NS | | 12.06.2010, 23:43:59 [856423857]

seriously, lymph is not stagnant, swelling is much less

8. VAL | | 20.06.2010, 12:17:09 [2079681701]

Edema occurs with diseases of the kidneys. A radical option is to drink tea with milk, a good diuretic. It makes sense to go to a doctor, probably.

9. Andrei | | 03/25/2012, 10:47:40 [3389024499]

Maybe it's Demodecosis! Address to the ophthalmologist.

10. Sveta | | 23.05.2012, 20:10:02 [1310444813]

Here, too, appeared after an allergy (manifestationsvery rare for me), swollen strongly upper eyelids + rash and itchy skin. 1t Suprastinum has drunk and has passed or has taken place. But, since then, after a dream every morning a slightly swollen and as a consequence a difficult awakening. For more than a month I have been suffering.

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