Edema after the dentist

Hello. Due to the lack of a tooth, I decided to put a metal-ceramic bridge. The doctor removed the nerve from the 6th upper tooth on the right side and sealed it inaccurately. The material that was sealed by the canals passed beyond the apex of the tooth (I understood the root so). The tooth ached a bit, but there was nothing else. I was made an incision on the gum and pressed to remove, so I understood the extra material (when spitting out the dark maroon blood, then went red) the next day woke up with a swollen cheek. I went to the hospital and I was rediscovered, the incision was treated with some kind of medicine and put the swab too with the medicine. Have registered to drink an antibiotic amoxicillinum and to rinse or gargle a mouth of a soda-salt-iodine. is that enough? Very worried. Sorry if not accurately described.

Good afternoon! Quite enough. Continue to be monitored by your doctor.

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Hello!Two weeks worried about the flux between the 7 and 8 lower teeth. The doctor says that the reason is in the gingival pocket. As soon as the pain began, it was treated with lincomycin. On the 4th day of treatment, a cone was formed, on the 5th flux, a prorvalo. The dentist inserted a drainage into the fistula I did not make a cut). After 24 hours the drainage fell, the fistula began to tighten. The doctor again put in the drainage, which stood for 2 days, and then fell out. The pus came abundantly from the hole. The doctor did not prescribe an antibiotic, the familiar pharmacist advised.

Hello. I am 29 years old.Since childhood, there have been problems with the gums and front upper teeth. The front tooth has recently fractured (22). When visiting a dentist they said that the tooth had to be removed. except for this, I found a cyst that affects the root of not only this broken tooth, but also the neighboring and collapsing bone tissue. is it possible to insert implants in this case, since I would not want to walk without anterior teeth at this age? I heard that you can build up bone tissue, but.

Hello. I removed the hood from the wisdom tooth.after 2 hours the start was shaking, the temperature 38.2 kept 2 days. on the third day 37.1.said to drink an antibiotic, and I feed the breast. All the same I had to drink. napugali.esli do not drink, then later I will have to completely stop breastfeeding. I try to open it through force, but I do not get it. I'm afraid it will remain so. What to do?

Hello, could you tell me if you coulddentist remove the zoom tool by which he removed the tooth from the previous patient? For example, confuse tools. And where do dentists put the instrument after the end of the operation to remove the tooth? Is it even possible to mix these instruments?

In current for half a year an unpleasant smell from a mouth,the therapist appointed the EGF, after he diagnosed a superficial gastritis and sent to free bread, recommending that he drink a course during the month of omeprozole. I also did ultrasound of internal organs, everything was in perfect order, even virgin, as the doctor said. The dentist only notes dental deposits, otherwise there is no censure. I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.

Hello, this problem, 2 times doing the operationon the removal of the submaxillary salivary gland, at intervals of a year, after the last operation 2 years have passed, again the same cone appears, the swelling is now going to go to the uzi, then on reception to the maxillofacial surgeon why does the cyst appear for the third time? What can I do? would stop or slow growth? a free operation unfortunately by turns of the month after 3-4 is only possible

Hello! I broke 15 teeth on the pin, the root remained deep in the hole, said under the crown is not suitable, removed. They began to heal the canals of 14 teeth, as small granulomas were found. When healed, they saw a fragment of the instrument in the canal. The doctor managed to push the chip out of the root and completely cure the canals. But immediately after the severe pain began, and there was a small knob on the gum in the root area of ​​the 14 teeth. In the end, 14 teeth were also removed. After removing pain.

Hello, the baby has been removed from the milk tooth. Anesthetic was done. By the evening the lip was swollen. The tumor lasts the second day. Began to ache a bit. This is normal?

Good afternoon! We put the pin, but for some reason the metal end was visible. Does not interfere, but the tooth is 4, not very aesthetically. Can I somehow fix the situation, for example, by applying another layer of seal?

Hello))), the story is this. At the moment in the body, inflammatory processes that do not pass years 5-6. It is a cyst in the throat that has been removed along with the tonsils because of chronic tonsillitis. But the cyst appeared very quickly again. As a consequence, due to the process of inflammation - Lymphadenitis. Submandibular lymph nodes years from 14 (me 21) are inflamed and greatly enlarged (they are not when not diminished). Initially, they increased due to an inflamed tooth and have since been inflamed. But.

My child is 5 years old. Today we went to the dentist, because his cheek was swollen in the morning, I understand that this is a flux. He was opened a canal and sent home. The temporary seal was not put, everything is open.

Good afternoon. About 2 years ago the tooth was treated again - the seal fell out, eventually the nerve was removed. About six months ago, a new seal began to break down, now just over half remains. A tooth without a nerve, but it hurts, more recently - very, but only at a touch. From the tooth itself was barely a third. I am going to treatment, but I would like to have an idea of ​​what exactly is done in such cases, in order to pick up the clinic, do not be deceived and correctly calculate the cost. Yes, and in principle be ready - I'm afraid.

17.03.2016, an operation was performed to remove the right submandibular saliva of the gland. 24.03. Sealed and discharged home. Tumor and swelling do not decrease. I do not accept medication after discharge from the hospital, since the doctor said that the course is completed. The seam grows normally. How long can such a condition last and may need to drink something anti-inflammatory. Thank you in advance.

Hello, yesterday removed the bottom wisdom tooth andwent to the throat from the cheek and pain, medications can not take because no food other than water and tomskok. I did not take, how can I take off the pain and the pain in the house. What to do in this situation?

Hello, please tell me why vitamin K is not effective in hemophilia? I can not find a detailed explanation on the Internet. Thankful in advance for the answer.