Edema of the neck right

Hello! The neck was swollen to the right. At the endocrinologist and an ENT I was, shchitovidku and lymphonoduses have excluded. Uzi also confirmed this. Did or made uzi soft tissues of a neck. Conclusion: structural changes are not visible. Jugular vein: sitting dex (may incorrectly, difficult to disassemble handwriting) - 0.6; sin is 0.6. Lying dex - up to 1,2; sin is 0.7. narrowed. I noticed that the neck swells up during fiz. loads, after smoking, during a cold. The neck is enlarged from the ear along the muscle and a slight swelling near the middle of the neck (if I could correctly express myself). What can you recommend? Whether are not contraindicated to me fiz. load?

Molnar Igor Miroslavovich

Hello, Marina. And to the maxillofacial or general surgeon you for internal consultation addressed? And is this swelling accompanied by some subjective manifestations?