Swelling of the gum symptoms

Any illnesses of children are perceived by young parentscautiously and with fear. And if the gums in the children are inflamed, after which good care is provided, then many questions arise. So, why does this happen and how to treat this problem? We learn in detail.

Briefly about inflammation of the gums

Parents should know that children have the mostA common cause of inflamed gums is gingivitis. In addition to this, this problem of the oral cavity is observed with periodontitis, periodontitis of one tooth, herpetic stomatitis. That is why it is important to differentiate the disease, to find out its cause before starting treatment.

Gingivitis in children is manifested by bleedinggums, swelling of their edges, redness, cyanosis. The cause of the development of this disease is the pathogenic flora of plaque due to inadequate hygiene.

In any case, before starting treatment for inflammation of the children's gums, you must show the boy or girl a dentist. And only after establishing the cause can begin to therapy.

Inflamed children's gums: what to do?

Therapy begins with the following activities: examination of the child, removal of plaque and tartar with the help of professional oral hygiene. This removal of dental deposits by ultrasound. The procedure is completely painless. The tip of the nozzle of the ultrasound device destroys the attachment of dental stones with oscillations.

If the doctor diagnosed a baby with gingivitisyou need to remove and soft microbial dental plaque. When parents try to apply different gargles and gels without dental examination, inflammation of the gums, of course, will abate, but this will be a temporary phenomenon. Any anti-inflammatory treatment should be applied only after the plaque and tartar has been removed.

Inflamed children's gums can be treatedantiseptic rinses and applications. The first is a solution of chlorhexidine, which is used 10 days in the evening and in the morning. The child should rinse the mouth 30-40 seconds. A small minus of such manipulation is the bitter taste of the solution.

You can also use another tool forrinses - miramistin. He is assigned to children from the age of three. It is slightly inferior to chlorhexidine in effectiveness. As for folk remedies, dentists advise children to use infusions of chamomile, sage, eucalyptus in the form of rinses.

To the category of anti-inflammatory drugsbelong to ointments and gels. Parents sometimes do not know which means to give preference to in their diversity. Ointments for the treatment of inflammation of children's gums by the force of their action are inferior to gels. The reason is that the latter are much better kept on the oral mucosa. And the medicinal components from the gels are easier to penetrate into the mucous membrane, rather than from ointments. Therefore, the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory gels is higher.

One of them is holisas. The active substances of the drug are cetalkonium chloride and choline salicylate. Holysas has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Apply it for the therapy of gingivitis, as well as for anesthesia when teething in children. The drug has no contraindications for age. It is applied to the edge of the gums and the gum nipples. The recommended course of treatment is 10 days with a two-time application per day. After that, you can not eat for two or three hours.

Metrogyl denta is another effective gel fortreatment of children's gums. Its active substances are metronidazole and chlorhexidine. The medicine is applied with a 6-year application on the marginal part of the gum twice a day. The course of treatment with gel is ten days.

After curing inflammation of children's gumsparents should monitor the careful hygiene of the oral cavity by the child. You can use a few days of rinsing herbs to fix the result.

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In 75% of cases, gum disease occurs due toinsufficient hygiene of the oral cavity. Dental calculus and plaque penetrate into the gingival pockets, which are thoroughly cleaned only by a dentist and a special instrument. Rinse with herbs and baths will not remove the cause of inflammation, their use is advisable after removal of the focus. Therefore, if the disease has already manifested itself, do not delay the trip to the doctor. Delay will lead to more painful and expensive treatment. Curettage of gums>

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