Edema after an abscess

Hello! My daughter (10 years old) cut her leg two weeks ago (on the outside of her legs just above the ankle, about 10 cm from the floor), 5 joints were stitched, but less passed, the stitches were removed for a week, everything was in order, no measures on rehabilitation did not recommend, that is, we began to live in the usual regime. Today came from school: just below the seam swelling about 1.5 cm in diameter, this place is warmer to the touch and slightly painful, plus again swelling, the suture itself is dry, the child's temperature is 36.8. Called to the ambulance, said until tomorrow saline compress and tomorrow go to the doctor (today the surgeon is not on duty). What could it be? What measures are taken in such cases? Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hello, I had an operation. She received a knife wound, a large intestine was injured, an end-to-end wound was wounded and subsequently, i.e. at the moment I found out that a muscle was injured in the spine and I started suppuration of this very muscle, in connection with this, an abscess of two lumbar vertebrae began. At first there were minor pains, but the pains became stronger and now I can not walk. I learned about the abscess by making a computer tomography, the diameter of the focus of inflammation is 4 cm. Doctors.

Hello, Doctor! Tell or say after operation on excision of an abscess of a submandibular (lymphadenitis) approximately in a place of a scar to be palpated at strong pressing a small nodular connection. Thanks for the answer.