Cold removes swelling

Edema, as a rule, appear on specificreasons, due to violations in the work of human organs, due to inadequate cardiac or renal and other types of disease. Such a manifestation is an excellent signal to think about a person, is everything in order with health !?

Swelling of the fingers can occur due todiseases of the liver and kidneys, especially this sign is noticeable in the morning. It happens because, the liquid used at night does not have time to be excreted from the body and slows down the work of the organs due to accumulated toxins.

If you find yourself swollen limbs, it is betterall do not put it off, but to identify the reasons why the fingers swell and what needs to be done? Unfortunately, many people can perceive this moment as an ordinary bite of midges. and do not pay attention to it. But then it may be too late.

The causes of edema on the fingers

Swelling of the fingers can occurfor certain reasons, these reasons are connected, first of all, not with the fact that a lot of food and water was drunk and eaten at night, and first of all, with some deviations in health. Sometimes it disappears in a few hours, and there are swelling, which are held in their hands for days, or even weeks. The thing is that this symptom can be "permanent", that is, it is caused by some serious and serious disease and, with its complication, to appear again. And there are curable edema that can be removed using diuretics .

Swelling of the hands can occur due to pregnancy anddue to penetration under the skin layer, through the wound, cut, various bacteria and germs. This phenomenon immediately becomes noticeable and is accompanied by soreness when touched, in rare cases, the temperature rises and the head begins to ache. However, it is possible and with weak immunity, and with injuries, and with injuries. If the inflammation is not stopped at the time, it is possible that the swelling will spread to the nearest area, in our case, to the adjacent fingers.

Below are the factors why the phalanges swell and what actions are better taken when they are found.

  • The most common cause is a bruised finger. injury and fracture of the finger. This is absolutely normal in the inflammatory process;
  • Puffiness can also occur with allergicreactions to various household chemicals, washing floors or dishes with detergents or washing with powders. If you find yourself such flaws, then the next contact with household chemicals, use rubber gloves. They will help you not to come into contact with harmful substances;
  • Allergies and changes in the shape of the fingers can also trigger exotic foods and dishes that a person tries for the first time;
  • Violation of the right circulation is also one of the main problems of this phenol;
  • Often swelling of the limbs in women withThis is an absolutely normal process with an "interesting" position, it is just necessary to clarify with the doctor that it is not due to any disturbances or allergies, but because of the accumulation of fluid in the tissues, cells;
  • Change the shape of the fingers can and because of problems with the thyroid gland;
  • Diseases of the kidneys, liver, heart, also affect the state of the limbs;
  • If you work a lot, have a little rest,incorrectly and irrationally eat, sleep for a maximum of 5 hours, then reconsider and reassess your priorities, which is more important than health or career. The factor of lack of sleep and fatigue are the first signs of rejection;
  • Excessive physical exertion on the fingers (transferheavy objects, sawing firewood without a long rest, digging up the land in the country), affect the condition of the hands. It is necessary to protect your body, and not to work on wear and tear, in order to remain healthy for many more years.

As it turned out, there are a lot of causes of edema. And what exactly caused their education, will help to find out an experienced specialist. Before starting treatment, it is necessary to find out the true cause.

What should be the treatment of the swelling of the fingers

Learn what you can do only with your doctora doctor who performs diagnostics and palpation of the swollen area. An experienced doctor will prescribe a full examination in order to reveal the true reason why the puffiness appeared and only after that the patient will be prescribed treatment. Running out the liquid with diuretics is just a superficial treatment that will help to remove the symptoms, and the real problem inherent in any disease of the body will remain.

- During pregnancy, as is known, it is not necessarytake industrial diuretics. Therefore, a pregnant woman is prescribed a drink from the herbal collection or steamed in boiling water infusions of dill umbrellas. This is a fairly good diuretic, useful and harmless.

- During the injury it is recommended to apply cold,with severe damage, it is best to fix the affected arm on the bandage tied around the neck or shoulder. After the first aid rendered, one should not pull and it is necessary to appear to the traumatologist;

- With allergic edema it is necessary to takeantiallergic drugs and should not leave this trouble without a visit to an allergist. Having found out the reason of reaction, try not to contact with an allergen;

- The most difficult, if the accumulation of fluid is connectedwith an internal disease of the body, namely with cardiac, renal and hepatic insufficiency. While the treatment of the underlying disease is under way, edema can periodically appear and cause painful discomfort;

- In case of problems with the thyroid gland and blood circulation disorders, it is necessary to drink a course of prescribed medicines;

- Overstrain is best replaced by rest, and lack of sleep;

Physical loads should be moderate and include periodic rest.

In order to avoid such troubles with your body, and your fingers do not swell, treat yourself with care and care for yourself and your health!