Pulmonary edema

Pulmonary edema - Clinical syndrome of acute pulmonary insufficiency due to swelling of the lung tissue.

Lung edema of the lungs (about. pulmonum toxicum). the effect of toxic substances (eg, poisoning) on ​​lung tissue.

Edema of the lung uremic (pulmonum uraemicum) - see Light uremic (Light uremic).

Pulmonary edema carmine - arterial hyperemia of the lungs, detectable in the study of the corpse in case of death from traumatic asphyxia.

Edema lymphangiectatic - see Lymphedema.

Intercellular edema - see Spongio.

Edema of the brain - Clinical syndrome of cerebrospinal pressure increase due to edema of brain tissue.

Encyclopaedic dictionary of medical terms M. SE-1982-84, PMP. BDT-94 of the MME. ME.91-96

Swelling limited acute => Edema preretinal Swelling limited acute. Edema is preretinal.

Edema excessive accumulation of fluid in tissues and serous cavities of the body, manifested by changes in their volume and other physical properties (turgor, elasticity, etc.), narc.

Otematome => Edible fluid Othematoma. Edible fluid.

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