Urticaria swelling of the larynx

It seems that something similar happened to me: suddenly a cough began, then the voice became hoarse. For a long time I dialed the phone of the advisory center with an ambulance to ask if you need to call an ambulance and what to do at all - it seems that it does not work, or it works only during the day. But in the end it all ended - the difficulty of breathing did not happen.

According to the doctor, for emergency cases (whenyou start to suffocate) it's nice to always have this device with you: http://www.epipen.com/. This is an autoinjector, they can make themselves an injection of adrenaline. Only this is not just a syringe + adrenaline solution: if you yourself will be stabbing ordinary adrenaline with an ordinary syringe, then, like, you can not calculate the dose, and then it will be bad. And in that devaysa everything has already been stolen before us: you do not need to open ampoules, dial, etc. just take it and rub it (this is how I understood - the instruction has not yet looked). But there is one trick: in Russia such pieces are not for sale. We must somehow order abroad.

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I had a laryngeal edema, but at the same time I couldbreathe. Just swelled and reddened throat, as with very severe angina. It was very painful to swallow. Caused an ambulance. Intravenous injection of prednisolone did not help, it became better only after the dropper, and then not immediately.