Pneumonia cerebral edema

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Hello. The girl 1,5 years has got in resuscitation with the diagnosis of community-acquired pneumonia, complicated by edema of the brain, swelling of the chest. She suffered a clinical death, fell into a coma 3, now put a coma 1, a vegetative state. Gore-mam. The prehistory is as follows. 4.11.14, treatment with this girl was recorded in the waiting room of the Department of Health, a diagnosis of concussion, refused hospitalization. In the period from 12 to 19 November 2014 was in the inf. hospital with dysgnosis: Intestinal infection caused by Pr. mirabilis of an easy degree. In the discharge epicrisis in the graph R-graphy OGK it is written: antigens of viral enteritis - otr. Written in connection with full recovery in satisfactory. condition. And already on the night of November 21-22, the girl enters the intensive care unit in extremely serious condition with the above diagnosis. In this regard, the questions: is it possible to develop pneumonia with such a serious complication in such a short time (2 days), or in inf. hospital "missed" pneumonia? Could a concussion from 4.11.14 so aggravate the situation. Investigators caught on to pneumonia, although the intensive care physician-anesthesiologist in the intensive care unit puts, in addition, a severe brain contusion, cerebral hemorrhage and cerebellum (in words). The history of the disease has not been seen yet. There is a feeling that the grief-mother is trying to "otmazat." There are suspicions that the girl was beaten.