Swelling of the muscle of the back

Such a problem in medicine is called the termmyositis. Inflammation of the back muscles is an inflammation of the muscle or muscle fibers, which leads to the formation of nodules within the muscle. The disease requires compulsory treatment.

Symptoms of inflammation of the back muscles

Every adult at least oncefaced with this disease, which doctors call myositis. Who did not feel uncomfortable when after a weekend spent in the country cottage was a loin and not straight back? This discomfort is caused by myositis.

The main symptom of the disease are pain,Increased in palpation, movement, and in some cases and with changing weather. In addition, inflammation accompanies muscle atrophy, redness and swelling of the skin, as well as muscle weakness.

A great importance for the effective treatment of myositis has a timely diagnosis. The main symptoms of the disease are as follows:

Aching pain, which increases when you touch the muscle, and also its movement.

By touch, you can identify the strands and nodules, which represent a very painful foci of inflammation.

The skin may turn red, and a small swelling may appear.

Myositis may be associated with headache and fever.

If no adequate treatment is prescribed, the patient's condition deteriorates sharply.

How can myositis be treated with traditional methods and folk remedies for inflammation of the back muscles?

If myositis is diagnosed, treatment is necessaryappoint individually, for each specific case. Therapy is the purpose of a set of procedures that will lead to a positive result. It includes medication, as well as physiotherapy.

The disease is treated with the following methods:

Appointment of a diet. With myositis, you must include in your diet apples, fruits, honey, vegetables, cereals, as well as vitamins B and E. It is necessary to exclude alcohol, fatty, spicy and salty foods.

Treatment of different etiology of inflammation of the muscles of the back

If the myositis has a parasitic origin, then anthelmintic drugs are prescribed.

If the disease caused disease-causing bacteria, then prescribe antibacterial drugs.

If myositis of the back is of an autoimmune nature, glucocorticoids and immunosuppressors are prescribed.

In addition, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed, usually from a group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Also used are warming ointments that relieve pain and muscle tension well.

Treatment of folicular inflammation of muscles in myositis

Treatment with folk remedies will save you from ailment, whatever its causes.

First, make sure that you reallysuffer from myositis, and not just a pain in the muscles worn out. This requires some time to wait. If after a few hours the pain does not subside, the muscles hurt even in a state of rest and are hard to touch, then you really became a victim of inflammation. Other symptoms include hot skin over the focus of pain, difficulty in moving the joint, increasing pain in the cold. Having convinced of presence of an inflammation, it is possible to start its or his treatment.

Boil several potatoes in the peel,their. Wrap the sore spot with a clean cloth and squeeze the mashed potatoes tightly against the foci of inflammation. Compress the top with a woolen scarf. As the potato mass cools, remove one layer of tissue after the other. When the folk remedy will cool down, remove it, and rub it with cologne and warm it well. The next morning the pain will pass, but the procedure for treating inflammation of the muscles in myositis is better to repeat several more times to fix the result.

Boil several burdock leaves with boiling water, add them together with a pile, press the place to the patient and cover with a flannel or woolen shawl. This folk remedy will relieve the pain.

If you have a cold or traumatic myositis,then it will be useful to grind the diseased area with a body sponge. Measure out a quarter teaspoon of freshly baked powder and mix with a teaspoon of melted butter. For the night, rub the folk remedy into the affected area and tie it with a handkerchief. It is important to carry out this procedure no more than once a week to avoid skin irritation.

Lather a couple of sheets of cabbage, sprinkle them with baking soda and attach to the diseased area. Cover the wrap with a woolen shawl.

With myositis, lard is a very good remedy. To prepare a medicinal ointment, you need to take four parts of the fat. It is desirable, that it was fat of nutria, but in the absence of such it is possible to take and usual pork lard.

If there is no fat at all, then you can use itunsalted butter. One of the options should be mixed with one part of the powder, which is made from field horsetail, which was previously dried. Both ingredients must be carefully placed and properly grinded. It turns out a folk remedy for the treatment of muscle inflammation with myositis in the form of an ointment, which must be rubbed into a troubling place.

During the treatment you can also usespecial compress. For him, you will need a sheet of cabbage, or even more precisely, two soaped with the help of household soap. They need to be sprinkled with soda, and then attached to a harassing place.

Treatment of these recipes will quickly relieve pain and restore joint mobility.

The causes of inflammatory diseases of the back muscles in myositis

The most common cause of inflammation of the musclesbecomes an infectious disease, for example, acute respiratory infection, influenza or tonsillitis in chronic form. Another cause of myositis may be parasites or some toxic substances.

Myositis may appear in those people who arefor several hours they do not change their position at work. This can be safely called the surplus of many professions. People who have acquired muscle inflammation due to professional activity, should realize that now their fate and health are only in their hands. In order to prevent the disease from progressing, it is best to conduct regular exercise, which will stretch and warm up the swollen muscles.

Postponed infectious diseases (influenza, acute respiratory viral infection, chronic tonsillitis).

The effect of toxic substances is the cause of myositis.