Edema wound treatment

Treatment of swollen and painful wounds

Such wounds require caution and carefultreatment, as it is known that the wound will never be prolonged until the edema subsides. This is achieved with the help of drying and cooling drugs, as well as funds that relax the tissues. To very good tools of this kind belongs the following: take one sweet pomegranate, boil it with tart wine and apply a dressing from this mixture to the wound.

Medications that build up missing tissue
Medicines that build up the missing tissue, you needuse, pre-cleaning the sore spot from dirt, skin remnants and the like. It must also be remembered that any drying medicine, the dryness of which is less than the dryness of the patient's body, will not build up his tissues. Accordingly, it is necessary to select medicines for each patient. The medicine that builds up the tissue must thicken the healthy blood and turn it into meat, having a drying effect. Medications filling the wound cavity are of mineral, vegetable and animal origin. Mineral - is, for example, lead white with myrtle and wax oil, and vegetable - this is the leaves of male oak, willow leaves, cabbage, apple, leaves of a large plantain, leaves and branches of cypress.

1. Of the gums, this refers to the resin of the turpentine tree, especially if the wound is near the nerves.

2. From fruits and grains you can use nuts rubbed with water and salt or with wine, which was boiled with the leaves of sorrel or with leaves of beet or lettuce, and a wild pear is also recommended.

3. With success at such wounds use cones of cypress, burnt garlic, dust from a millstone and burnt barley, which is especially useful for the elderly. It is used in a mixture with wax and rose oil.

4. Of the flowers use hawthorn flowers or grass horsetail, especially with wounds located at the head of the muscles.

5. Very good medicine - sour milk. It sticks together great wounds.

6. To wonderful remedies that build up tissues in swollen wounds with hot nature, sandalwood, water lily and aloe juice belong. This especially applies to wounds in the anus and genitals.

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Treatment of swollen and painful wounds
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