Remove bronchial edema

A new approach to treatment atopic dermatitis and bof asthma .

Allergy Is a changed reaction of the body to introduction intoorganism of foreign protein - allergen. Diseases caused by an allergy, debut in different ways, but in their development a certain pattern is traced. Often the allergy begins with skin manifestations in infants that appear against the background of digestive disorders. Later allergoses of the organs of vision, ENT organs, genitourinary system, respiratory allergoses, which eventually can be transformed into bronchial asthma, are attached. The consequent emergence and development of these conditions, called the "allergic march," implies common pathogenetic links, and require the use not only of local therapy (ointments, inhalation), but also the effects on the gastrointestinal tract.

Since the 80-90s, the allergy has been calledplague of the 20th century, since its manifestations to one degree or another were found in every third child, and at present the prevalence of allergy continues to grow steadily. It is believed that at present in one form or another allergy occurs in 20% of adults and 30% of children. Modern medicine has very great opportunities for treating allergic diseases. There are safe drugs that will significantly reduce allergic manifestations and bring instant relief, for example, reduce skin itching, extinguish the rash, improve nasal breathing, dilate the bronchi and remove suffocation. But it is important to remember that these remedies are symptomatic - they will remove symptoms, improve the state of health and quality of life of a small patient, but ... will not influence the cause of allergy development.

To establish the reason of an allergy it is simple - the doctorwill advise you to keep a food diary, which will reveal the intolerance of some food products, since it usually starts with this. If the matter has already gone far, and there has appeared intolerance not only of nutritional substances, will use other methods of diagnostics, for example, the determination of antibodies in the blood. Currently, very sensitive diagnostic methods are used, which will make it possible to establish the allergen as accurately as possible. But, in fact, this is only half the battle, because in a normal life, meeting with allergens is difficult to avoid. Of course, you can send a favorite cat or dog to your grandmother if the test reveals an allergy to the pet's pet hair, but what do you want to do with the birches if an allergy to birch pollen shows up?

How to avoid the development of allergies in the baby? For this you need to understand how the allergy is formed.

A living organism, constantly interacts withenvironment, as it needs oxygen, water and food. With the breath into the lungs, air containing oxygen is released, carbon dioxide is released. Through the mouth, the body also receives water and food. In the process of interaction with the environment, along with air and water, various substances and microorganisms penetrate the body, some of them proteinic. During the breath, with food, with the bites of animals or insects, proteins that are foreign and can carry foreign information enter the body. The body is constantly bombarded with foreign proteins - this is pollen from the air, and bee venom and complex protein molecules. So with the inhaled air, with food, through the damaged skin or mucous membranes come microbes, which can colonize the body, if they do not give proper resistance. The body can function normally only by remaining itself, therefore, in order to preserve its own internal environment intact, it is shielded from intruders by a multi-stage defense system called immunity. This defense must be adequate to intervene in order to completely repel the blow. One of the mechanisms of protection is special protective proteins - antibodies, which are developed in response to the introduction of an enemy - a foreign protein, or as it is called, an antigen. However, under certain conditions, the immune response is distorted and becomes excessively strong. In some cases, the resistance vector is distorted and the attacker is hit not by the aggressor, but by ... his own organism. So, under certain conditions of antibodies, too much is produced, and this can cause painful manifestations. Such distorted immunological reactions are called allergic reactions. Allergic, i.e. a distorted immunological response can manifest itself in different ways and affect almost all organs and systems.

Blush and teary eyes, appear anditchy skin rash, in some cases flows from the nose, or sharply narrowed bronchi, making it difficult breathing - develops an attack of bronchial asthma. The child can have any isolated forms of allergy, but more often they are combined, and can alternate one after another. So in already in the first half of life children can develop so-called atopic dermatitis, which in the majority passes to 1-1,5 years, but in some allergic manifestations progress. Following the cutaneous signs of allergic signs of the respiratory system - first protracted ARVI, sometimes with false croups (stenosing laryngotracheitis) and obstructive bronchitis. These are the first signs that the respiratory system is involved in the process and the risk of forming bronchial asthma is very high. This alternation of forms of manifestation is called an "allergic march" and convincingly indicates that there are common mechanisms for the development of allergic reactions. It is important to remember that no matter how different the manifestations of allergic diseases, they have a common cause is the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract. Mom of every allergic knows what "dysbiosis" is!

There are many ways to combat allergicdiseases. Modern medicine has a wide range of medicines that can significantly reduce allergy manifestations and bring relief to the patient. For example, reduce the itching of the skin, extinguish syat, expand the bronchi and remove the choking. These remedies are symptomatic - they relieve symptoms, improve the patient's well-being and quality of life, but do not have any effect on the cause of allergy development.

The first group - antihistamines - is"First aid" when you have allergy symptoms. These drugs are certainly effective. And the drugs of the last generation do not cause such side effects as drowsiness, inhibition. And yet, no matter how much one wants to resort to using these drugs on their own, it is not recommended, since they can even intensify coughing and shortness of breath.

The second group of drugs stabilizes the cells,which produce substances - mediators of allergy. These drugs do treat, but slowly. In order to obtain a noticeable effect, they need to be applied for several months.

The third group is hormonal preparations. This is an effective treatment, but unsafe, so hormonal drugs are prescribed when other drugs have proved ineffective. Treatment with hormonal drugs is often called the therapy of despair.

If you want to part with an allergy forever,we will help you to do it quickly and efficiently. We use unique patented methods for the treatment of allergic diseases, aimed at reducing the allergic propensity of the body (See Patent "The method of treatment of allergic diseases"). The main emphasis is on improving the state of the intestines. Our methodology implies "selective decontamination" - purification of the intestine from toxins and parasites. The effectiveness of this approach is extremely high - 85% of patients with bronchial asthma are in prolonged remission - up to 15 years. This is as long as this method of treatment exists.

The variants of the manifestation of allergy are very diverse.

Atopic dermatitis. Treatment this disease, which is diagnosed in childrenthe first, rarely the second year of life, is a known difficulty. Manifests atopic dermatitis skin manifestations on the face, trunk, extremities. Often the first manifestations occur in the second month of life, but may begin later. Usually it is the flaking reddish spots of fuzzy outlines, sometimes joins. Atopic dermatitis is the earliest manifestation of allergy and occurs with intestinal dysbiosis in response to food intolerance. Therefore it is clear that the external ointments used for treatment, although they improve the appearance of the child, but the development of the allergic process in the body does not stop. If the child does not receive qualified help in time, the allergy will continue to develop and expand the manifestation forms. The method used by us treatment of atopic dermatitis involves not only the use ofhighly effective external means, but first of all, the effect on the gastrointestinal tract, which eliminates the cause of allergy. This approach allows not only to reduce the external manifestations of the disease, but also to halt the development of the allergic process.

Allergic conjunctivitis develops, as a rule, in the olderage. The first manifestations we observed already at the age of 5 years. And, of course, in young girls at the first experiments of applying makeup. Redness and itching of the eyelids, lacrimation, injection of the sclera (dilated vessels on the white part of the eyeball). This is an unpleasant form of allergosis, but it is very easy to treat.

Allergic rhinitis can develop as an independent disease,and may precede or accompany the development of bronchial asthma. Allergic rhinitis can manifest as a simple nasal congestion, but is often accompanied by copious, watery discharge, itching and redness of the base of the nose, a series of sneezes. This is due to irritation and swelling of the nasal mucosa, therefore, to relieve edema, patients with allergic rhinitis are forced to constantly use vasoconstrictor. If these manifestations are seasonal in nature and are associated with the flowering of plants, then this disease is called pollinosis. Despite the fact that in our time there arevery effective antiallergic drugs, this form of allergosis is the most difficult to treat, but the use of a complex method allows achieving a positive result.

Obstructive bronchitis, treatment. Obstructive bronchitis often complicates the course ofvirus infection in children. Especially often it develops when a parainfluenza virus is infected. The cause of obstruction, narrowing of the bronchi, is edema of the bronchial mucosa. This distinguishes obstructive bronchitis from bronchial asthma, because with asthma, narrowing of the bronchi is caused by spasm of the muscles of the bronchi. Clinically, obstructive bronchitis is manifested with a strong cough and difficulty breathing, especially exhalation, as with asthma. It is important to understand that all children become infected with a viral infection, however, obstructive bronchitis does not develop at all. The matter is in the special properties of bronchial mucosa. In children who have a tendency to catarrh and exudation, it is often obstructive bronchitis.Treatment it reduces to the effect on a viral infection,cough relief and enlarged bronchial lumen. In order to remove the edema and thereby expand the clearance of the bronchi, there are many ways of how historical - such as, for example, Zvyagintsevoy powders to the newest ones - the use of ultrasonic inhalers and nebulizers with very effective drugs. They should be recommended only by a doctor. But the most important thing is treatment of obstructive bronchitis - this reduces the tendency of the mucosabronchi to edema, as obstructive bronchitis has the property of recurrence, and subsequently can result in bronchial asthma. In order to prevent the development of obstructive bronchitis with every viral infection that the baby is sick with, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive recovery of the body, sanation of all foci of infection, treatment of the gastrointestinal tract. It is very important to get rid of worms and lamblia, to cure dysbacteriosis of the intestine. This task is quite solvable, and does not require super-powers. Advice for those whose child has already had an obstructive bronchitis. In case of a viral infection, the use of medicines in the form of a syrup is not recommended.

Bronchial asthma disease, which often begins in childhood andyoung age and leads to a decrease in the quality of life and disability. Bronchial asthma can be manifested by prolonged coughs, attacks of suffocation, respiratory failure during exercise. At present, with treatment of asthma in children focuses on the restorationbronchial conductivity with the help of bronchodilators. For this, a wide range of drugs is applied, the action of which is directed to restoration and preservation of bronchial conductivity, reduction of allergic inflammation with the help of hormonal preparations. In fact, such treatment only alleviates symptoms - it removes suffocation, reduces cough, but often not only does not solve the problem, but it can lead to serious complications. The use of bronchodilators and hormonal drugs does not leave any hope for the restoration of health and can lead to disability, a decline in the quality of life, a restriction in the choice of profession. In fact, this method is obsolete. The patented method of complex action applied by us gives an invariable positive result. It greatly expands the possibilities treatment of asthma in children. including hormone-dependent forms. As a result of an integrated approach to the treatment of bronchial asthma, 85% of patients managed to achieve a persistent improvement: reduce the dose or completely abandon the hormonal drugs used, reduce or completely abandon the use of bronchodilators, thereby reducing the risk of complications and improve the quality of life of patients.

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