Swelling under the heart

  1. Lack of oxygen. Perhaps you walk too little on the street and not often air the apartment (room). And, these factors, by the way, spoil life not only to the eyes, but to the whole body, which is tired of suffering from your carelessness. Is it really so difficult to open a window or a window? Do not you have the slightest desire to make a walk (at least briefly)?
  2. Edemas and bags under the eyes. Causes. - Abuse of alcoholic beverages. You can assume that the puffiness of the eyes is an expression of discontent, of these "organs", about your behavior. Want to be beautiful - drink less alcohol. Or, even better, if you replace it with juices, drinks, fruit drinks, compotes, mineral and plain water. Less alcohol in the blood - fewer cases of edema under the eyes.
  3. Why does it swell under your eyes? - Excess weight. They took a great interest in the sweet, were not lucky with heredity, "hit" in depression (at the same time - and in gluttony). The result is on the face and body. The face suffers from puffiness under the eyes, and the body - from the abundance of kilograms. Maybe it's worth thinking about diets? At least about legenkih, not very complicated .... You can choose another way to lose weight, if dietary - "just deadly." Running, swimming, aerobics, massage, exercise equipment, teas, capsules, hoops, sports, fitness, creams, drinks .... Choose what is suitable, or what you want.
  4. Why do edema appear? Causes. - Various renal diseases. Edema under the eyes, for this reason, appear because, together with urine, from the "diseased" organism, all the protein is removed. Take care of your kidneys, watch your health. Imagine that the kidneys and eyes are an inseparable chain, the damage to which you can not tolerate. If the disease is already there, do everything possible to get rid of it competently (albeit not immediately).
  5. Stressful condition. When you are nervous - your eyes become nervous and worried with you. The effectiveness of the disorder is swelling ("pouches") under your beautiful eyes. Unfortunately, mascara and shadows can not cover them or paint over them. You can, of course, try the properties of foundation. But, the best way out, according to others, psychologists, doctors and scientists is getting rid of stress. Stress, in turn, will take "ugliness" under your eyes.
  6. Causes. - Smoking. Someone lets "dust in the eyes" to frown on someone or mislead. Someone lets smoke into your eyes, and - to yourself. You are trying to forget problems and setbacks with cigarettes and cigarette smoke. Q: Does it help you understand your problems? Agree that I never helped. But, he noted that he gave you a "decoration" under his eyes, which you did not like at all. Want to remove this "gift" - stop smoking. But this needs to be done gradually, so that the body can adapt to the changes, and does not get hurt from the smoke of cigarettes.
  7. Excess water in the body. There are people who drink very - very much water. In principle, this is correct. It is a pity that "correctness" also badly affects the body and appearance. Contradiction: "In order to lose weight faster, you need to eat up to several liters of water per day." This brings, eyes of women, to puffiness. They get a shapely figure, together with not getting such an "unpleasant addition". And, as it turns out, to sit on a diet and lose weight - much nicer than contemplate, in a mirror image, the appearance of swelling under the right eye and under the left eye.
  8. Tears before going to sleep. Instead of, happily, go to your favorite bed (crib), you, suddenly, start to cry (not without reason, of course). Tears drip from the eyes, accumulating, under them "swelling", which, from the very morning, can be seen and spoiled. A spoiled mood is an occasion for stress and nervousness. Maybe it's worth keeping back tears to check: are they the cause of your troubles?
  9. Diseases of the heart. Do a cardiogram, ultrasound, be examined. Perhaps your "motor" beats the alarm. Help him to calm down and recover. And it, thanks to your help, will help you, in protection from bothersome eye ("under eyes") edema. This is how cooperation is mutually beneficial.
  10. Under the eyes puffiness. Causes. - Diseases of the stomach. Maybe the ulcer attacked the stomach, but you do not know? Attack, in this case, and you it to win an honest fight for your health. It will be necessary - do not turn away from drugs and diets, even if it will be very difficult. It's difficult, but, after all, it's not impossible. You can do everything if you turn on the power of your desire!
  11. Bags and swelling under the eyes. - Heredity. You notice that you do not smoke, do not take a great interest in alcohol, spend a lot of time on the air with fresh, do not cry and do not get upset, often, on trifles, drink water in moderation, with organs (with intestines, nights, heart, etc.) at you - complete order. Where, then, does the disease "grow up"? And from hereditary factors! Your great-grandmother, mother, grandmother or father (for example) has always had your problem, which, of course, caused a lot of inconvenience. But, believe me: your relatives are not to blame for the fact that, unintentionally, they "shared" this unpleasantness with you. Do not give up! Heredity is not a sentence yet!
  12. Age changes of the subcutaneous layer. With age, as everyone knows, everything undergoes tremendous changes. Eyes and okologlaznaya area - not an exception. So, you can calm down: you do not have any pathologies. This years fly by changing everything in your life. Naturally, such changes are not encouraging. But life is a zebra, in which there are black and white stripes.
  13. Spicy food. You relate yourself to lovers of not only thrills, but also to the lovers of sharpened food. Well, we will not argue about the "taste" theme. You have, for a while, to limit the consumption of food having such a taste. Try to do this so that your edema problem disappears.
  14. Causes. - Salty foods. Salads, cucumbers, borschiki, spices .... Delicious, but - salty. And then, unfortunately, you will have to cut down the eating of your favorite dishes. Do it for the sake of the beauty of your face.

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