Edema of the cheekbone cause

9/29/2013 at 11:22 (8701 Views)

I had always had swelling on my cheek (apparently,it is something hereditary; one of my young sons has similar ones). Moreover, there was never a problem with nasal breathing. With age, swelling increased, and then just started to stop me from living: (

My trips to a cosmetologist about this problemdid not give any results (and sometimes only worsened the situation). After I was injected with the radios into the lacrimal groove (under the inner corner of the eye), the swelling became sharper and shifted to the nose. Then I read in the Internet that it can not be stabbed there.

This is a photo BEFORE the operation.

I ran to a localplastic surgeon. There I heard that the blepharoplasty of my problem does not solve (because it is not under the eyes ...). But the word SUFA was never uttered by anyone. That's when I went to the Internet to find out what it was that I had with my face.

The skull sac is a pathology that is observedoften. This is a bag located on the zygomatic bone under the fat pouch (the upper part of the cheekbone, which is why this name came about), which is the cause of the appearance of double circles under the eyes, which in turn increase the expression of tired face more.

The reasons for their occurrence,numerous and often mixed. So, we can talk about edema of inflammatory origin combined with muscle fecescence (the kind of excess of the circular muscle), as well as with the "melting" of fat in the area of ​​the lacrimal path, which entails a more pronounced manifestation of the zygomatic sac, since the cavity in the area of ​​the lacrimal path leads to the isolation of the bulk of the zygomatic sac located just below it.

Surgical intervention makes it possible to achieve an obvious improvement in the problem of eliminating zygomatic sacs.</ i>

This is Infa from the Internet.

And I decided to rejuvenate to get rid of the hated sufs! This was the main reason.

Fresh photo in half a year (without make-up and lenses). Under the right eye, I still have a small edema (and the corners of the eyes, and whiskey, too, while wooden).

Now I'm very scared that over time Sufas can come back to me (if I have such predisposition).

I ask to share the experience of fighting with zygomatic edema (preferably home remedies). I know about microcurrents and lymphatic drainage massage, but they do not take away the sufas, but reduce them for a short time.