Mucus edema photo

Nasal congestion is a verycommon in both children and adults. Most often, the swelling of the nasal mucosa, the causes of which are attributed to the development of inflammatory processes in the nasal cavity, is a kind of inflammation. He can appear after the body's hypothermia, because of the overstrain of the vocal cords, with a long stay in the cold air with a stuffy nose, as a result of which a man breathes his mouth. Influence on the appearance of edema and such factors as smoking, a passion for alcoholic beverages and even the use of too hot or cold food. As a rule, accompanying symptoms are: pain when swallowing, perspiration, dry mouth and cough. First time there is a cough without sputum, then it becomes wet. There may be an increase in temperature.

Edema of the nasal mucosa: treatment

First of all, one should turn to people'smethods that treat a cold very effectively. This is the use of various charges, including several types of grasses or rootlets. They boil them with boiling water, pour alcohol, insist. Collection of swelling of the throat and nasal mucosa: flowers of calendula, plantain, dried althaea root, chamomile. Brew two large spoons of boiling water, wait half an hour and strain. Take up to four times a day for 0.5 cup.

Edema of the nasal mucosa: treatment with salt

Take a glass of warm boiling water and put in it a couple of spoons of sea salt. Using a syringe, rinse the nose with a solution. Repeat treatment is necessary three times a day.

In a wide bowl, boil water and add fir oil, pine or cedar. Tightly covered with a blanket, 20 minutes breathe in steam. The procedure can be done in the morning and at bedtime.

Edema of the nasal mucosa: treatment with plant juice

Edema can be removed by instillation into the nose of aloe juice,beet or calanchoe. Beets are usually mixed with honey, and onion juice is diluted with vegetable oil. It is quite effective to just breathe over a cut onion. This procedure, conducted regularly, allows you to forget about the cold for good.

Edema of the nasal mucosa: treatment with lemon

This is a proven and very effective method. Take the freshly squeezed lemon juice and dilute with boiling water in a 1: 1 ratio. Draw in the solution with your nose and immediately blow it out. Do five repetitions for each nostril. Complete the procedure as follows: moisten the cotton swab in saline solution, insert it first into one nostril for a minute, then - in another. The more likely to be treated, the sooner the recovery will come. Lemon kills germs, and salt cleanses the swelling.

How to remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa easily and simply? If you do not want to brew, boil, breathe over the pots, use the simplest method. Before going to bed draw an iodine lattice on both feet. Wear cotton socks, and over them also woolen. Several such procedures will cope with your ailment. And the main advice: try to keep your feet warm. After all, in most cases it is the frozen feet that cause colds.