Edema after digrospan

Reviews about the drug Diprospan mostdifferent, as one would expect from an antiallergic and anti-inflammatory drug. Allergy is a very individual disease, plus individual intolerance. To avoid complications, consult your doctor. So, read the reviews collected on the Internet and keep in mind that this is a private opinion and it does not have to reflect the true situation!

2 months of suffering from inflammation of the joints of the fingersarms, shoulder, for 3 weeks went with swollen knees bent. Every movement caused terrible pain and discomfort. 3 days the doctor pumped out fluid from the knee, did 1 injection of diprospana, after a day - not a single edema, I walk along the stairs as a normal person. 1 time has slept for 2 months. I do not know what will happen next, but I feel good for the time being.

Diprospan is like a tin! Especially dangerous for young women. My 20-year-old relative, on the advice of the district doctor, did 2 injections of Diprospan for 1 month. She had a seasonal allergy. The result is that the cycle has disappeared. She then was treated for a year by a gynecologist-endocrinologist. And so to prick his nursing mother - a crime! Diprospan causes growth retardation in children! Annotation to the drug read carefully! There all this is written! Take care of yourself!

I have chronic neurodermatitis. When it exacerbated several times dyprospan (once). It's good. Inflammation goes away on the second day. And I also noticed an improvement in the analysis of urine and blood after taking it. Chronic glomerulonephritis of mild form.

This drug my colleague took according to the recommendations, and as a result, in principle, good.

After the third blockade, the face was rounded after a few days. It is terrible of course and ugly. Doctors calmed, this is called the lunar face. These are side effects.

After injection after 30 minutes. anaphylactic shock occurred, and calcium gluconate all aggravated. Thank God the husband was pumped out. A terrible drug, but it helps well from the swelling of the face with allergic dermatitis.

I'm allergic to wormwood for 4 consecutive yearsbegins in July and ends in September, earlier all the time pressed down with tablets for diprospan did not dare, constantly itching eyes the nose is always laid, it was simply terrible to live. You can not go on vacation because there is even more allergy in nature. As a result, after another sleepless night because of a tightly-clogged nose, he spat on everything and put 1 ampoule of diprospan, previously shaking (suspension after all). The injection was delivered fairly quickly, like water (put in the buttock)
After reading a bunch of reviews, all sorts of different there aboutanaphylactic shock, etc., decided to wait an hour after the injection at 16:00. He put an injection, lay down on the sofa, left the nostril left in an hour, and another 2 nostril! And I still have allergic rhinitis, year-round, drip drops, Otrivin is 5 years old, and here as a hand it took off! Drowsiness does not cause the drug, I also bought calcium gluconate, as advised along with diprospan, and then it displays calcium.

In general, I will say so, if nothing helps thenboldly put diprospan, he is a kapets powerful and very effective, now I sleep awfully, my eyes are not itchy, but by the way, I still sneeze allergic, but oh well, I still do not regret what I put! By the way, who cares, there are no side effects when interacting with anabolic steroids.

I, too, suffer from this. In August, wormwood for me is the horror of tears, a runny nose is a nightmare and only this medicine saves. I recently became a mother and child 1 year 4 months, I feed him with breast, but I have no way out anymore that does not help yet.

My knee was hurting and my surgeon injected 3 injections into the joint with an interval of one week. It became much easier. In the joint still enter Kenalog-40, the effect is the same.

I was given 3 injections to the shoulder jointinterval (although later I learned that it was enough and 2), enough for 4 years, provided periodic massage of the shoulder girdle, also undesirable loads on the joint, then the pain returned, I fly without diprospan already.

This review will be of interest to those who sufferan allergy to flowering, especially ragweed. I first encountered an allergy to ragweed at the age of 18, when only the first years I lived on my own in Anapa. In the Krasnodar Territory, many suffer from ambrosia. It blooms in early August, and this is the peak of the allergy.

I started it, as I then thought, howan ordinary cold. Pershilo in the throat, runny nose, fever. I was treated for colds. But a week later I began to realize that there was something wrong. And since before she lived in the Urals and did not know about ambrosia, and even more so about allergies to her, she could not even think about that.

But the good was a man who, from the firsta look at me, said that this is an allergy. The first year I was treated with pills. But in the second year I was fully armed. I learned about the injection of Diprospan, which everyone praised. And as soon as symptoms began to appear in August, I immediately bought it and delivered it. And it all went hours already through 5. And all August I did not even remember about this horror. From an allergy only one injection.

And after that, the hair and nails become simply gorgeous!

To begin with, I myself had to use it myselfthe prescription of a doctor of a dermatologist, when postherpetic eczema started after herpesvirus infection. As the doctor told me, to sit on it for the rest of my life.

To be honest, it scared me terribly. I myself graduated from the medical university and, although I am not a dermatologist, but in pharmacology I have a meaning.

Diprospan is an antiallergic drugit is difficult to name, since its active ingredient is the glucocorticoid hormone. Who does not know what it is, try to put it in a nutshell. Glucocorticoids are natural and synthetic. Natural glucocorticoids are allocated by the adrenal gland organ, and synthetic ones are invented by the pharmaceutical industry and have practically the same actions as natural ones, only slightly modified, for example, longer acting or more powerful. The most famous glucocorticoids are prednisolone and hydrocortisone.

Than these preparations are dangerous at introduction from the outside? They have a number of side effects with long-term regular admission, which will manifest with a 100% probability sooner or later. As a rule, it is the syndrome of Itenko-Cushing, when a person becomes full to disgrace, cyanotic striae appear on the hips and abdomen, metabolism suffers, diabetes can develop, osteoporosis, as a result, the bones become brittle and break, arterial pressure jumps appear and most importantly, immunity decreases, a person is prone to pick up any infection. I listed the most formidable complications after glucocorticoid therapy, and in particular after therapy with Diprospan. The entire list you can read in the instructions for using this drug.

Now I will tell you about the action of Diprospan. Having written about its negative aspects, I do not in any way want to downplay its positive aspects. It really works, but not for long, about three weeks. This makes one or two injections, the further depends on your body. After three weeks the action of the drug will end and if your body does not start giving out an allergic reaction again, then you are lucky and you will be cured, but very often it happens that after one or two or three months everything starts all over again and you have to inject again . Dermatologists warn that side effects do not develop, Diprospan should not be used more than once in six months. In the treatment of allergies to ambrosia, the use of Diprospan is probably relevant, as it blooms for a limited time, just as much as the drug works, besides it allows using Diprospan once a year, which can not seriously damage your health, but the use of Diprospan in treatment various skin diseases of an allergic nature causes reasonable doubt. To try, of course, it is possible, I saw people who had all the symptoms for 1 -2 years when using the drug Diprospan, then everything came back again. There is one more regularity: with frequent re-use, diprospan acts less efficiently, and your organism also poisons.
In general, from despair you eat anything, anything,and Diprospan, if he gives a quiet life at halts (bloom allergies), gives a full life a year or two with eczema, has the right and should be, but personally he helped me exactly for three weeks, then for the next three weeks the symptoms returned .

And I decided not to drink it. I climbed on an Internet, looking for new methods of blood purification, because eczema occurs when the accumulation of allergens in the blood, so, by the way, there are many chronic allergic reactions (delayed type). Also I found ozonotherapy. It was scary to use on myself, but the responses, as well as annotations to it, a conversation with the doctor, I was persuaded to try, and what not to do from despair. Two weeks later, I could not get enough of my face. Almost everything went, only the scars from the herpes virus infection, which left in six months, remained. Ozone therapy also has a rejuvenating effect, so that the face has clearly become fresh.

By the way, it's been 3 years already, and eczema has not returned to me, thank God. The dermatologist, by the way, was shocked by the result. To many now advises.