Torn out the tooth edema

Lyudmila Thinker (8724) 6 months ago

Can not rinse. You can consume sage and hold it in your mouth a little, not a strip. Keep track of the temperature, more than 38 should not rise, longer than 3 days should not hold too. It is good to brush your teeth. My edema only passed on the 6th day. The temperature lasted 2 days at 37.5.

seed forester Pupil (87) 6 months ago

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Lyudmila The Thinker (8724) Eat what you can. Well, it's natural not to prick your nuts with teeth))) I was hard to chew, I only ate the first 2 days for the first meal. And if you can chew a piece of meat, eat, please! Do not eat anything that can injure the hole.

Quiet pool Thinker (6219) 6 months ago

After removing the day, I probably ached, chamomile made a light rinse.

seed forester Pupil (87) 6 months ago

but what about the food. and the saliva is large and should be

Quiet pool The Thinker (6219) if the saliva is large thenalways rinse with daisies, I had two days of drooling, then it became better, the pain was longer, but the dentist warned me about all this, on the side where the tooth should not be chewed while there is pain, otherwise the swelling will last longer. there were no restrictions on nutrition.