Edema after falling

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Three days ago I fell from the car on the steps andcut to the bone leg just below the cup straight to the bone that is big to me sewn up all is normal crack is not there but it took 3 days and now the foot swelled to hurt and where there was a distance all healed there is not nothing vampaleny. tell me how to remove such swelling and how long will it take?

Primavera Enlightened (30484) 1 year ago

The skin was cut in the place of tuberosity of the tibiabones mean. By itself, such a trauma does not give edema of the foot. Can you also have a dislocation or subluxation of the ankle or subtalar joint. Edema because the outflow of lymph has been disturbed. Anoint with troxevasin. If the edema does not subside and severe pain is an excuse for a visit to a traumatologist. Load on the leg is best temporarily restricted and when resting put your foot on the elevation, such as an ottoman.

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so that's what happened 3 days ago and only on the 3rd day the swelling started and it can be 3 days later

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it usually does not begin immediately, but 2-3 days after the injury.

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Erika Pupil (175) 1 year ago

Go to the injury, take a second shot. Maybe the joint fluid (if at the heel). Everything is done for free. Swelling lasts a long time. Weeks 2. But we must repeatedly go to the doctor.