Cervical swelling of the cause

The main cause of ear congestion isThe pressure drops to which the human ear does not have time to adjust. This sensation quickly passes, but with some diseases, padding the ears is a dangerous symptom.

The middle ear is separated from the outer drummembrane and is connected through the ear canal with the surrounding air. In the nasopharynx, the middle ear is opened through the auditory (Eustachian) tube. The diameter of the tube is about 2 mm, with inflammation of the nasopharynx, the lumen narrows, blocking the way to air.

Erection of the ears can be quite painful. Disruption of air circulation in the Eustachian tube causes a strong stretching of the tympanic membrane. The nerve endings located on it become a source of a pain signal.

From the stuffiness that has arisen in flight, it's easy to get rid of. It's enough to open your mouth, yawn or swallow saliva.

But it is not always possible to cope with thesometimes a doctor needs to be treated and treated. Only after finding out the reason why it pawns ears, one can get rid of this unpleasant, sometimes very painful, phenomenon.

  1. Eustachiitis;
  2. sulfuric cork;
  3. water in the ear;
  4. transferred otitis media;
  5. changes in atmospheric pressure;
  6. pregnancy;
  7. disease of the auditory nerve;
  8. features of the structure of the ear canal - constriction, curvature;
  9. a trip in a high-speed elevator, diving.

What to do if the ear is stuffy

There are simple methods of pre-hospital care for getting rid of the ear for a while. Regardless of the reasons why the ear lays, you need:

  1. make swallowing movements - drink water, swallow saliva;
  2. perform movements of the lower jaw, aimed at eliminating the obstruction of the ear - to make circular movements, push the lower jaw forward and draw back;
  3. if the ear lays while diving, you need to hold your nose, try to exhale, push the air through the closed nostrils. This normalizes the pressure, relieves stagnation.

The presence of earwax in the ear canalindirectly indicate a frequent obstruction of the ear during bathing, bathing, showering. The gray cork becomes wet from moisture, increases, preventing the passage of air.

The plug must be removed from the ear. Do this yourself can not be due to the high likelihood of trauma to the tympanic membrane. In addition, the otolaryngologist removes the plug under visual inspection and has the opportunity to make sure that the solidified sulfur is completely removed.

If there is a tendency to form sulfuricyou need to change the diet. Raw vegetables, fruits in the diet are forced to chew more actively, making all muscles of the lower jaw work, including muscles that strain the palatal curtain. These muscles are involved in the regulation of the lumen of the auditory tube, their reduction contributes to the natural removal of sulfur and the equalization of pressure in the tympanum.

Eustachyte disturbs the patency of the auditorypipes, a rarefied pressure is created in the tympanic cavity, a feeling of ear congestion arises. Treatment of eustachyitis reduces edema of the mucous membrane of the eustachian tube, restores air circulation, relieves unpleasant sensations in the ear.

Having recurred with middle otitis media on a drumthe membrane is formed spikes, violating its mobility. As a result, the ability to adapt quickly to changes in atmospheric pressure is lost, causing the affected ear often to lay.

If the ears of the child

The ears of the child's ears can servea sign of otitis, a common disease at an early age. Ears can be laid in children on the plane, after bathing, during illness. In all cases, you can not bury anything to a child, warm your ear without examining and physician's permission.

As a temporary pre-hospital care, you canask for a few swallowing movements, give a sucking candy. If the problem occurs after bathing, the child can be asked to lie down with the affected ear and wait for the water to flow out. And in the near future visit an otolaryngologist for examination and treatment.

The ear can be planted due to the swelling of the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity that has arisen as a result of immune reactions. There is an allergic rhinitis for various reasons:

  1. when in contact with the allergen in the form of pollen of plants;
  2. due to inhalation of house dust when allergic to dust mites;
  3. at the use of allergenic products - chocolate, honey, eggs, strawberries, fish, cocoa, oranges;
  4. with prolonged use of vasoconstrictor in the nose.

Persons suffering from allergies should be treatedattention to the stuffiness of the ears. This phenomenon can serve as an early sign of a developing allergic reaction, which can lead to bronchial asthma, Quincke's edema. Treatment consists in eliminating contact with the allergen, reducing the body's readiness for an allergic response.

With vegetovascular dystonia, pathologies of the cervicalDepartment of the spine can lay ears and dizzy, darken in the eyes, there is a weight, pain in the head. Particular attention in the treatment is given to physiotherapy. Movement, good muscle tone improve blood circulation, relieves part of the load from the spine, improving the patient's condition.

Inflammatory diseases of the inner ear,death of sensitive cells of the labyrinth, conduction disorders of the auditory nerve are accompanied by an obstruction of the ear. In this case, there is often nausea and dizziness.

The treatment is aimed at improving blood circulation in the inner and middle ear, tissues surrounding the auditory nerve. Appointed procedures and drugs acting on the structure of the inner ear.

Most often, during pregnancy, ears due to hypotension. Coping with the problem will help the attending physician. In addition to this reason, lays the ears of a pregnant woman:

  1. from ear swelling due to allergies to plant pollen;
  2. at low hemoglobin;
  3. because of a common cold of pregnant women;
  4. as a result of sudden movements;
  5. with fast weight gain.

The reason, because of which you can lay your earwomen, can become a common cold of pregnant women. This phenomenon is common and can be caused by adenoids, chronic sinusitis, a tumor, hormonal changes. The latter appear in the last third of pregnancy and are associated with an increase in the volume of circulating blood.

It alleviates the condition of the pregnant woman by moistening the air indoors, lubricating the area of ​​the nose with a baby cream, heating with a special lamp.

Pregnant need to monitor the arterialpressure, more often to be on air, to walk, to carry out physical exercises. Be sure to follow the advice of a doctor, diet. In addition to the described techniques, to stop ear laying, you can try:

  1. lie down, horizontal position helps restore hearing;
  2. bite sweet, drink warm sweet tea, raising blood pressure, if the congestion is caused by hypotension.

Inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx, acute respiratory infections, colds, tonsillitis

After suffering catarrhal diseases, SARS,accompanied by a runny nose, throat diseases often there is an obstruction of the ear. This phenomenon is also noted during illness. The main reason why colds, runny nose, sore throat, ears of the mucous membrane.

If he lays his ears with a cold in his noseBurying vasoconstrictive drops, thereby restoring the patency of the auditory tube. Too often this can not be done, the effect of habituation is possible. In addition, with a cold, you can not effortlessly vysmarkivatsya. Part of the mucus can get into the Eustachian tube, causing inflammation. Treatment includes the intake of vitamins C, group B, warm weak tea, gargling with warm sage broth, chamomile, following the recommendations of a doctor.

Even if the stuffiness of the ears is rare andquickly passes, you should undergo a complete examination with an otolaryngologist and therapist. The causes are various diseases, among them diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular system. Only an appropriate specialist can prescribe an adequate treatment.