Inflammatory swelling treatment

With an inflammatory swelling of the scrotum, the prognosis is favorable.

Treatment. After the preparation of the operating field and hands, the spikes of the edges of the castration wound are separated and the inflammatory exudate is removed from the cavity of the common vaginal membrane. The edges of the wound are lubricated with Vishnevsky's liquid ointment, streptocid emulsion or penicillin ointment. If necessary, castration wounds are dissected additionally. The animal is prescribed a general antiseptic therapy.

With diffuse edema, when there is dangerthe development of tissue necrosis, produce shallow incisions (incisions) in places of greatest skin strain. After improving the general condition of the animal assign wiring.

Prevention. When castrating males, one should observe aseptic and antiseptic. The size of the incision of the scrotum should correspond to the length of the testis. Castrats need to assign wiring after 12-20 hours after castration, using for this purpose protected from wind, dust and dirt places.

  • Classification of phlebitis
    [2009-12-10]. Vessels
    For reasons that can cause inflammation of the veins,distinguish traumatic, postoperative, toxic and infectious phlebitis; by the nature of the exudate - purulent and aseptic; downstream - acute and chronic. Pathogenesis. The development of thrombophlebitis can.
  • Signs of inflammation of the lymphatic vessels
    [2009-12-02]. Vessels
    According to the clinical manifestation, the mesh andStem lymphangitis. Mesh lymphangitis is accompanied by inflammation of small lymphatic vessels of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The affected lymphatic vessels clearly protrude above the surface of the skin.
  • Tracheotomy
    [2009-11-30]. Vessels
    Indications. Tracheal opening, or tracheotomy, is an emergency operation. It is used in cases when the animal is threatened with death from suffocation as a result of complete or partial closure of the lumen of the upper respiratory tract (edema, neoplasm.