Edema on the tooth

Heavy eruption (dentitio difficilis) of the toothwisdom can cause unilateral swelling in the appropriate half of the face. Such edema, however, is much more often a consequence of acute deterioration clinically in most cases of latent chronic apical periodontitis of the avital tooth (paralytic). Parulis - an abscess in the region of the alveolar process of the jaw. In addition to the cheek, the lower lip may swell.

Emphysema of the skin and mucous membranes in the regionthe lower part of the left cheek, the condition arose suddenly after using compressed air to dry the drilled root canal of the tooth and manifests itself in a kind of crunch when pressing on the skin from the outside.

With abscessing of chronic granulating inflammatory processes, pus leaves from the avital tooth not in the vestibulum oris, as in the submucous phase of the paresis, but out through the skin (see photo).

If the process comes from the lower premolars andmolars, the preferred location is the edge and angle of the lower jaw. The same process can occur on the chin (from the incisors of the lower jaw and in the corner of the eye (upper angular tooth).

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