Remove joint edema

Swelling of the joint after a fresh injury canDevelop due to a slight internal bleeding. The stretching of the skin, as well as the tissues that surround the joint, is influenced by blood. The causes of joint edema can be not only the newly transferred injuries, but also other factors, for example, the accumulation of fluid inside the joint with the recurrence of the old trauma.

Arthritis is another cause of joint edema. With pain and swelling of the joint, lasting more than six weeks, you can talk about arthritis.

With swelling of the joint, redness of the skin aroundas well as an increase in the temperature in its area, inflammation can be diagnosed, which is caused by any microorganisms (bacteria, viruses or fungi) penetrating into the joint through the damaged skin and causing the inflammatory process. Inflammation of the joints can be with injuries and arthritis, i.e. in the absence of infection.

What to do if there is swelling of the joint?

Remove joint edema it is possible with the help of cold. The first weapon in the fight against edema is ice. Three times a day to the painful joint for fifteen to twenty minutes apply ice in a plastic bag or wrapped his towel.

The joint should be immobilized. To do this, using an adhesive tape, immobilize the swollen joint.

If the swelling of the joint is a toe, then the adjacent finger can be used as a tire, i.e. in this case, both fingers wrap around the tape.

The tire can be kept no more than a day or two days, because because of it the joint can become inactive. Be sure to see the doctor.

To reduce edema with arthritis you need a patientplace warm. Heat with repeated swelling caused by arthritis is more effective than cold. If severe pain occurs and the body temperature rises, you should consult a doctor.

When edema joint should maintain volumemovements in it. To preserve its functions, perform various smooth movements in the joint within accessible limits and in different directions. When maintaining the mobility of the joint, excessive efforts should be avoided. You can do the exercises with the permission of the doctor. In the process of inflammation, harmful products are formed which, when various movements are performed, are removed from the joint and enter the lymphatic system, and then completely removed from the body.

With prolonged swelling, consultation is requireda specialist in physical methods of treatment, who will prescribe ultrasound for calming effects on the affected joint. Penetrating deeply into the tissue around the affected joint, ultrasound promotes faster healing and better circulation.

If the swelling of the joint is due to inflammatoryinfectious process in it, it is necessary to treat, first of all, the infection itself. For this, the doctor prescribes appropriate antibiotics. During treatment at home, one should adhere to some recommendations: do not use ice. In the infectious lesion of the joints, moist heat is used instead of ice, since the cold causing the constriction of the blood vessels keeps the infection. In turn, the use of heat promotes the expansion of blood vessels, which is why, being a reliable protection against infection of the immune system, white blood cells can more freely reach the affected area. With the application of moist heat, some types of infection are successfully eliminated, even through the surface of the skin, so soaked in hot water and squeezed towel is applied for twenty minutes to the affected joint.