Edema of tissues is

Lymphedema is the swelling of soft tissues, usually of the legsor hands, which occurs due to a violation of the outflow of lymph due to blockage of the lymphatic tract. Most often, the symptoms of lymphedema appear gradually. They can even appear only 15 years after the lymphatic vessels are affected. Symptoms are as follows:

  • Weakness, pain, redness, heaviness, a feeling of raspiraniya in the limb, which is affected by the disease;
  • Disturbance of mobility in the tibia or wrist.

Swelling of the soft tissues can be so significant and so shaped that sometimes this disease is called - elephantiasis. With a moderate degree of disease, you should follow these recommendations:

  • keep the affected limb clean: carefully dry, handle with lotion;
  • when cooking, wear protective gloves;
  • use an electric shaver;
  • do not cross your legs while sitting;
  • Do not walk barefoot;
  • do not carry the bag / handbag on the affected arm.

In addition, if there is a high risk of developmentlymphedema, injections into the affected area, measurement on the patient's arm of blood pressure are not desirable. Until now, doctors do not have the exact right way to treat chronic lymphedema. Now there are several methods:

  • Manual lymphatic drainage. those. massage, with which a certain outflow of lymph is achieved;
  • special exercises. which are performed when dressed in special compression stockings (which are used for varicose veins) or used bandages for compression;
  • pnevomassazh. it is also called vacuum massage or lymph drainage, which is done with a special device (this procedure also contributes to the outflow of lymph).

Lymphedema can not be treated withmedicines. But they are necessary at accompanying diseases, for example, it is antibiotics at complications infectious. Surgery. which consists in the removal of excess tissue, is used with excessive limb size, when it becomes difficult to move.

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