Quincke edema of children

Quincke's edema is a threatening condition in children,manifested pronounced edema of the skin, fatty tissue and mucous membranes as a result of an acute allergic reaction. It represents a real threat to life if you do not provide medical assistance in time. In this article we will look at the causes and signs of Quincke's edema, and we will also discuss how to provide first aid.

Symptoms of Quincke edema in children

Quincke's swelling begins, as a rule, suddenly. Only a few minutes, less often - hours, develops a pronounced edema of the face, hands, feet, mucous membranes. Often the swelling spreads unevenly (only the upper lip and ears may swell up, and eyes may swim). In the region of the edema, no painful sensations are observed, and when pushed, no pits are formed. In half of cases, the edema of Quincke is accompanied by hives. It is characterized by unpleasant sensations on the skin (itching, burning) and the appearance of bright red blisters of different sizes.

Quincke's edema can be a manifestation of allergies (food, household, medicinal irritants). And it can appear in children with a genetic predisposition.

Treatment of Quincke edema in children

If you notice signs of swelling in your childQuincke, immediately call an ambulance and provide first aid to the baby. What is so dangerous for angioedema? The edema itself is not so terrible, the accompanying condition of the laryngeal edema is much more serious, which often leads to suffocation, if assistance has not been provided in time. Therefore, when barking coughing, wheezing and hoarse voices appear in a child, do not panic, but promptly help him before the doctor comes. First, calm the crumbs, and secondly, help him to facilitate breathing with the help of hot moist air (go with him to the bath and turn on the hot water). If the situation worsens, inject intramuscularly prednisolone.

Heavy consequences can easily be avoided if in timeto help the child. At the first symptoms, lay the child, slightly lifting his legs. Try to understand what caused the Quincke edema, if it is an allergic reaction, immediately stop contact with the allergen. If the fault is the whole bite of an insect in the arm or leg, then apply a tourniquet above the bite site. A child in this state should drink a lot, you can dilute a pinch of baking soda in a glass of water or give mineral water. When swelling Quincke often prescribed antihistamines, such as fenistil. But it is better to take them with the permission of the doctor.