Circumcision swelling

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Ok, correct, photo in the app
Did in Ukraine, the name of the doctor I think it's senseless to call. the price of about 200doll.

2nd day after surgery, swelling

7th day after surgery, removed stitches

7th day after surgery, removed sutures_2

7th day after surgery, removed stitches

in a state of erection 10 day. after operation

* fukortsin used to dry a little wound near the bridle
potassium permanganate in Ukraine is unrealistic, it is for some reason a prescription drug

P.S. Already wandered through your forum realized that my problem (fortunately) is not unique and not so terrible. But I noticed that of all similar themes there is no photo after it has healed and what it is like photo after surgery 21 days, month, 1.5-2 months. I promise to post my photos after healing so that impressionable comrades like me did not create a lot of "important and urgent" topics. Nevertheless I will be grateful for your advice and advice, thank you.

28 days (4 weeks) after surgery
Lymphatic edema almost completely passed, according tothe circle all healed, not healing wound finally began to heal. Panic thoughts about the fact that everything turned out not very well and the corrections went by themselves, because the current intermediate result is satisfied.

As for the wound that is not healing, two weeks have passed since my last report, I was treating it with chlorosategan. but there was no special effect. does not matter
the wound was wet ----> the bandage was sticking -----> again it did not heal and so on ad infinitum

sprinkled streptocide, smeared streptotsidovoyointment, the pain ceased but did not heal, neither a crust nor a new tissue formed. 3 days ago phoned with the doctor explained the situation, he advised ointment Solkoseril. Over the past 3 days, the wound has healed more than in the previous 1.5 weeks. I am very glad. I hope my experience is useful to someone, I regret very much that I did not call the doctor before, now I would have used it all, and for a few more days I will have to refrain from sex.

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