Retrobulbar edema

Female 22 years old.

I am 22 years old.
As a result of compression trauma (August 30, 2008) in the nose bridge my eyesight deteriorated.
There was no fracture.
There was a double vision in the eyes, floating destruction, flies, vision as in the dark, from the objects there are light prints, a small stain in the eyesight.
In the first days of the injury, I had dilated pupils, now narrowed, but it seems to me that not completely - in the twilight they are very much expanding, and before the injury this was not.
Likewise, photosensitivity in the first days of the trauma fell sharply (it does not hurt to look at the light), but now, the photosensitivity is slightly normalized, but not up to the previous state.
Looked an oculist:
The ocular fundus is normal, the vitreous body is destroyed, and the eye pressure is also normal.
Electroretinography is normal.
The study of electrical sensitivity and lability is normal.
Echography of orbits - moderate edema of b / w fiber
EOM insignificantly thickened mainly upper and inner rectus
MRI of the brain - no pathological changes in the brain were detected.
The neurologist prescribed drugs for edema:
Diakarb and Asparks.
Pupil after the injury has not yet narrowed to normal, although 2 months have passed, vision has not improved.
I'm very much afraid that a hemorrhage might occur in the retrobulbar fiber and this presses on the optic nerve.
For more than two months since the injury, there are no improvements in vision.
In general, hemorrhages resolve themselves?
Tell me, please, what other diagnostics can be done to exclude a hemorrhage in the retrobulbar fiber and any pressure on the optic nerve?
Can it be possible to make an MRI of orbits that it can show except for moderate edema of retrobulbar fiber, can it show a hemorrhage into it?
What in general can be done in this case?
Treatment should be medicated or operative?
Thank you.