Midokalm edema

There are many diseases in whichmuscle tone rises. In addition, the muscles are tense, they are also painful. This condition is accompanied by a violation of blood circulation in the diseased organ. Such changes lead to increased edema and impaired function of organs and tissues, due to this muscle tone is further increased. There is a vicious circle, which should be broken otherwise there will be no recovery. The drug that copes well with this task is "Midokalm".

Midokalm nyxes instructions for use

Mydocalm (Tolperisone), is a medicinala drug that relaxes the increased pathological tone of skeletal muscles. Its action is carried out through the central nervous system, as this occurs until now has not been clarified. It is known only, what therapeutic effect is from application of Midokalma. It suppresses the increased excitability of the spinal cord and nerve endings of skeletal muscles, inhibits the transmission of pathological nerve impulses along them. Due to this, the effect of muscle relaxation is achieved, the edema will disappear and the pain will decrease. In addition, with the introduction of Miodocalm in pricks, a local anesthetic effect is achieved, because of the lidocaine contained in it.

Indications for use of Midokalma

Given the mechanism of action of Midokalm, hisprescribe for very many diseases associated with increased abnormal muscle tone. It is advisable to begin treatment with injections, and then switch to taking pills, so the patients begin to recover sooner. Instructions for use Midokalm-Richter lists the diseases in which the drug is prescribed:

• Conditions accompanied by increasedthe pathological tone of skeletal muscles caused by disorders in the structure (structure) of the brain: encephalitis, encephalomyelitis, multiple sclerosis, pyramidal lesions, the effects of strokes.
• Midokalm in pricks gives good effect in treatmentLittle's disease in children. This disease is characterized by spastic (tense) paralysis of the hands and feet in toddlers. Intellect in this disease rarely suffers. In addition to spastic paresis, Midokalm can be used for muscular dystonia (different muscle tone).
• Diseases of the genitourinary system, in which there is increased muscle tone: spondylitis, intervertebral hernia, lumbago, arthrosis, etc.
• In trauma and orthopedics, after fractures and surgical interventions.
• Non-healing wounds on the legs, vascular sclerosis,vascular damage, including diabetic, autoimmune diseases (Raynaud's disease, rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis, systemic scleroderma, etc.).
• Movement disorders in lymphatic vessels and blood circulation after thrombosis.
• Consequences of violation of vascular innervation: cyanotic skin on the limbs (acrocyanosis), a periodic difficulty in walking, which is not included in other diseases.

Midokalm in injections and in tablets the way of its application

Instructions for use of the drug Midokalmindicates that Midokalm is produced in injections and in tablets. How to treat and with what dosage form to begin to decide, only the attending physician. In the case where therapy begins with injections, then its dosage for adults is as follows: intramuscularly administered at 200 mg per day and divided into two doses, intravenously, the drug is administered 100 mg once a day. Midsection is injected into the vein very slowly. In the instructions for the use of Midokalm it is indicated that it is contraindicated in children for up to one year.

In tablets of Midokalm, adults are usually prescribed150 mg twice a day. Children up to 7 years of age are 5 to 10 mg per kilogram of body weight per day. For children from 7-14 years of age, Miodocal is given at a rate of 2-4 mg per kg. per day. Take the medication in tablets only during meals.

Instructions for the use of Meadocalm tablets and injections also lists contraindications and side effects.

• In pricks, it is not possible for those persons who are allergic to lidocaine;
• children under one year;
• an allergy to Mydocalm itself or its components;
• with caution to pregnant women and nursing mothers;

• Allergic reactions: itching, rarely anaphylactic shock.
• Muscle weakness, lowering blood pressure, nausea, discomfort in the abdomen, sometimes vomiting, headache.
• From the introduction of Midokalm in pricks sometimes there is a feeling of drowsiness or light intoxication, but it passes very quickly.

On a note: does not affect the absorption of alcohol, it can be combined with hypnotics.

Instructions for using Midokalma in injections are veryEverything in detail describes: how Mydocalm works, what indications are there for its application. But before you start treatment with this drug, be sure to consult with your doctor.