Baziron swelling

Peter Petrov
Used last year with this cream, veryhelped. Then it ended. There were new acne and yesterday I bought Baziron SS again. Has smeared not thin and not a thick layer ALL face (smeared in the afternoon). By the evening the skin began to be scratched strongly. The face became red and hot, it began to swell a little (imperceptibly, but still). In the morning, the redness passed, as if nothing happened, but there was an itch in some places and the OTEC in the cheekbone region of the cheeks. I read on the Internet that it is a Quincke's edema and some of it die from lack of oxygen, and some of them go through a week later. Help get rid of swelling at home, please. Or is he going to pass himself soon? P.S. I live in the south of the country, the temperature is 35 g. Medium, sunrays and the like
Completed (1). Will it be possible to use the same Baziron AC later, in the autumn, for example