Рmж edema

Hello, I ask for help, we have this situation:
At mum in 1998 diagnosed RMZH 2b-3 stT1N1M0. Then a radical resection of the left breast and axillary lymph nodes was performed, radiation treatment was performed to "SOD 50Gr", the zone of the lymph drainage "SOD up to 40g".

One and a half years ago, my mother greatly increasedvolume arm on the part of the operation, although all these years everything was in order. Supraclavicular lymph nodes increased, punctured, confirmed the presence of cancer cells. (Morphological examination: mts adenocarcinomas.) Conducted 2 courses of PCT according to FAC. D-z: B1 of the left breast, T1N1M0 2B st, mts in supraclavicular l / 2 cl cells. C50.4
A DHT course was conducted to the supra-connective zone on the left: Genus 2 Gy No. 20 SOD -40 Gy on the apparatus "Rokus AM". The irradiation regime and dose were selected taking into account the radiation treatment carried out in 1998.
After this, another 4 PCTs are FAC.

With a control uzi of lymph nodes - an avascular lymph node 1 cm in the left supraclavicular area.

last discharge of treatment:
cyclophosphane 980 mg
doxorubicin 98mg
tamoxifen 1 r / d
ondansetron 8mg
dexamethasone 12mg

recommended-tamoxifen 20 mg per day until progression. (Takes on the present)

Time goes by, the hand becomes worse and worse,my mother wears a sleeve, does gymnastics, but it swells more and more, bends badly at the elbow joint, my mother can not practically raise it, but probably already 4 months - it's unbearably painful, my mother wakes up at night because of pain, feeling worse and worse worse, very tired at the slightest load. But a month ago, the left, operated breast was very swollen, it is very dense to the touch, burgundy-cyanotic.

The doctor in the clinic said that it is possible edema,but does not know for sure. I did not believe my mother that he could say "maybe, I do not know exactly." I went to the oncology dispensary with her for a consultation, where the doctor did not explain anything at all, I did not even understand how it happened, because I was determined to find out at least what was happening to my mother, why it was happening and what would happen next.
Mom complained of swelling and pain in her hand, leftbreast, he prescribed potassium arateate 1t 2p / d, veroshpiron 4days for 25 mg, two weeks later, repeat, but-spawn 1t 2p / d, 1p / month bicilin-5 in injections (referral to the procedure room did not give, and we in the pharmacy said that you can not do at home). Said: "If it does not help, come, something else we'll try to appoint." To be honest, when I came home, even I was in despair.

Of course it did not help. Mom has already changed her mind about all the worst things about the situation with the breast, why she is becoming denser and very sore, has become burgundy - blue. Mom still assumes that this is similar to the formation of scar tissue after irradiation, but irradiated in February 2009, and not in this zone.

If you can, tell me, what is it with the chest, how can I help?

My hand hurts, almost constantly, can I drink painkillers because of it and to whom should I go if I can?

We found a center in Klin where the patients with lymphostasis are rehabilitated, but this is very expensive for us and my mother is not sure that they will help.
I have a feeling that her condition is notonly with pain and discomfort about the arm, but also with despair, says that it is getting worse and worse and nothing helps. Drinking tamoxifen, climacteric hot flushes have returned, nauseated almost all the time, in general, the condition is very bad.
Maybe there is still somewhere to be rehabilitated, cheaper, but we just did not find it?