Pile of the pupil

Narrowing of the pupil, swelling, discoloration of the irismembranes, opacification of the contents of the anterior chamber of the eye and cornea, the formation of adhesions of the iris with the lens or cornea, with purulent form - pronounced hyperemia, photophobia, lacrimation, opacity of the lens and vitreous body, panophthalmitis: ophthalmological examination (iris of the eye) =. IRIT

Fall of the third century, nostrils funnel-shapedthe stiffness of the auricles, the pulse is frequent, the breathing is difficult, the cramping of the muscles and muscles of the whole body, the muscles of the neck, back, croup, become hard, the cyanosis of the mucous membranes, feces and urine stand out with difficulty, the characteristic posture: limbs are extended forward and backward, the spine is curved down, the body temperature in dogs, if there are no complications (pneumonia), normal; strenuous gait, acute swelling of the lungs, touching the dog causes increased seizures, profuse sweating: clinical, bacteriological examination (body tissues, central nervous system) =. TETANUS

Swelling, atrophy and soreness of the chewing andtemporal muscles, the configuration of the head of the dog resembles a "fox", eyelashes, limitation of mobility of the eyeball, loss of the third century; convulsions of the masticatory muscles, unable to forcefully open the mouth, weakened vision, exhaustion: anamnesis, clinical examination, laboratory blood test (chewing, temporal and ocular muscles) =. EOZINOPHILE MYOZITE

Hyperemia of the conjunctiva, swelling and violation of itshine, swelling of the eyelids, a cluster of bright red follicles in the third century; keratitis, erosion and ulceration: ophthalmological examination (eye conjunctiva) =. FOLLICULAR CONJUNCTIVITY

L.S. Koneva
"Diseases of dogs and cats in tables and charts"
Minsk, "Harvest", 2007

Dog Treatment: A Veterinary Directory

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