Myoma edema

Myoma of the uterus is called a benign neoplasm in the muscle tissue of this organ. As a rule, it does not exceed 15 mm in diameter, and is therefore called myoma of small uterus.

Signs and symptoms of small uterine myoma

Myoma is a knot that has grown out ofone cell and braided with enlarged vessels feeding it. Myoma of small uterus can be single or multiple (a large number of small nodes).

This disease can be manifested by some of these symptoms:

If a woman is concerned about the abovemalaise, she, as a rule, treats these complaints to the doctor, who most often directs her to ultrasound of the reproductive organs. Myoma tissues have a lowered echogenicity, due to what they can be seen on the ultrasound monitor.

However, another option is possible when the patientdo not disturb any visible or tangible symptoms, and then detect a small fibroid is possible only during a preventive examination by a gynecologist or ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs.

The causes of small uterine myoma

The main causes of this disease are the following:

  • hereditary predisposition to neoplastic diseases;
  • mechanical injuries of the uterus during childbirth, abortion and surgical interventions;
  • diseases of the endocrine system, various metabolic disorders;
  • hormonal imbalance in the body.

Treatment of uterine myoma in small sizes

Treatment of fibroids, as well as other female diseases, is possible by medicamentous, surgical and folk methods.

  1. Conservative treatment is used torestore the normal level of female sex hormones, reduce the size of the uterus itself, inhibit the growth of fibroids and thus remove the symptoms of the disease: pain, heavy discharge with monthly, etc. For the treatment of myoma, such drugs as norkolut, gestrinone, zoladexi and others are used .
  2. Operative treatment is shown with rapidly growingtumors, when medicines are not effective. The operation is performed under general anesthesia as a cavity method (through the incision in the abdominal cavity), and laparoscopically (through several relatively small incisions of the anterior abdominal wall). Most often, an operation is performed to remove the uterus itself: this guarantees no relapse and complete cure, but after the operation the patient will no longer be able to have children. The second most popular method is the removal of myomatic nodes, but after such treatment they often appear again. And, finally, the most modern method of operative treatment of myoma is the so-called uterine artery embolization, when the vessels leading to the nodes of myoma contract, after which they can not feed the tumor, and it dries up and gradually disappears. This method is the most effective, but at the same time very expensive.
  3. Folk remedies are good for uterine myomasizes, which develops very slowly. In the treatment of folk methods use poisonous (hemlock, white mistletoe, swamp saber) and not poisonous plants that act only on the nodes of myoma (boron uterus, common sander), as well as sporis, medina, propolis, known for their healing properties.
  4. Myoma of a small uterus is treated with a diet that is aimed at stabilizing the level of female sex hormones:
  • diversity in nutrition;
  • restriction in the amount of fat, and with a sedentary lifestyle - and carbohydrates;
  • increase in the diet of fruits and vegetables, cottage cheese, legumes, sea fish;
  • consumption of wheat germ, bread with bran;
  • restriction in the amount of liquid being drunk (for the prevention of swelling of myoma nodes).