Mezoniti edema

Modern cosmetology does not stand still. No sooner had a woman tried out on herself the classical filament lifting of the person we mentioned earlier, how beauticians are ready to offer women a new technique - lifting or face mesonites. According to reviews of beauticians, mezoniti - a qualitative breakthrough in the reinforcement of face and face lifting.

Therefore, in this article we will describe in detail aboutmezonitah, we will result responses of those who have already tried a new technique of a rejuvenation on itself, and also we will tell about possible contraindications, consequences and complications after procedure.

What is the Mezoniti? What is the difference between mesonitic lifting and ordinary lifting?

The very procedure of facelift by the mezzanineis quite new, and has actively started to practice in Russia since the beginning of 2012. The idea of ​​use belongs to Korean cosmetologists who developed a technique that takes into account the physiological features of the skin (thin and sensitive) of South Asian women. Therefore, today in Russia, mesonites are recognized as the most effective and not traumatic method of filament lifting of face and body.

The system consists of an injection needle and veryA thin thread that is attached to the point of the needle. After passing the needle with the thread through the tissues on the reverse course of the needle, the thread is separated from the conductor and remains where it was fixed. The needle or the so-called conductor is made of special steel and has a special flexibility, which allows the doctor to level it depending on the relief of the skin or features of the braces. Implantable thread - based on polydioxane (absorbable synthetic suture material) is coated with polyglycolic acid. It is completely resorbed (split) into water and carbon dioxide after 180-200 days. The result of the braces remains for 2 years. In the video below, you can see exactly how the mezonite is treadlifting:

As for the difference, the main differences are as follows:

  1. Number of threads. Unlike threads of Aptos, mesonites are requiredmuch more. For example, in order to raise the lowered cheeks 20-30 threads will be needed, and in order to completely rejuvenate the face and neck - about 150-200 pieces. Therefore, the cost of the mezzanine is not called for the work area (as in the case of the traditional filament lifting), but based on the number of mezzanets used for braces.
  2. Soreness. Cosmetologists say that this method is lesspainful, and rehabilitation is faster (complete recovery of the skin occurs in 7-10 days). In some cases, the lifting of meso strands is done without anesthesia (with the exception, perhaps, of the forehead, when local anesthesia is required).
  3. Double Effect. The possibility of thread leveling allowsachieve better results of rejuvenation without the use of additional funds. For example, in the case of a forehead lift with Aptos threads (these are the most common in cosmetology, therefore we cite them as an example), the cosmetologist strongly uses to inject botulinumin, which will immobilize the wrinkles and only after 2 weeks will hold the filament lift. In the case of 3D mesonites, Botox injections will not be needed.
  4. Duration. The effect of meson filaments is maintained throughout2 years, whereas the effect after the filaments of Aptes is about 5. This is explained by the fact that the period of complete decay of the mesonites is about six months, and Aptos - 2 years.
  5. Consequences and reactions of the skin. We already wrote, at the beginning of the practice of the filament liftingin Russia they used gold threads. The statement about the benefits and safety of gold implantation under the skin was justified by the fact that gold is a safe material that does not cause allergic reactions. As a result, gold caused itching of the skin and shifted to the chin. While mesonites do not cause irritation, itching and other side effects.

Is it possible to combine mezonites with other salon procedures?

Cosmetologists recommend combining trade-liftingMezonite with other procedures for rejuvenation and skin tightening, which, according to their reviews, will allow achieving true perfection. In particular: remove the remaining wrinkles, tighten the skin, correct the oval face. Therefore, the mezzanine is recommended to combine:

- hyaluronic acid fillers. In such a combination, the mezonites help to form a skeleton, figuratively speaking, to fix the position of the skin, and add fillers to the missing volume (for example, in the case of pronounced nasolabial folds or lacrimal glands). Combination of 3-D mezzanites and fillers allows to hide the relief difference, correct large wrinkles, and also to ensure the smoothness of the skin. Fillers and mezonites allow professional cosmetologists to achieve amazing results.

- radiofrequency or radio wave lifting. They can not be used at the same time - only 2-3 weeks after using the mezzanite. In this case, radiofrequency lifting will provide an additional retraction of tissues and enhance the lifting effect.

- Myostimulation, ultrasonic cavitation. elektroporatsiya, fractional mesotherapy, neurotoxins, fractional and laser rejuvenation - are possible in 2-4 weeks after implantation of mesonites. As you understand, in this case we are talking about the implantation of mesonites for the tightening of the abdomen, easy lifting of the hips and knees.

Contraindications and complications of lifting by mesonites

Deciding on a relatively new cosmetologyprocedure, do not forget about precautions. Moreover, this applies not only to the so-called standard contraindications, but also to those who have tried the advantages and advantages of the technique on their own face.

Be sure to read the information below and only realizing the possible consequences of using the mezzanite - decide how expedient to do the procedure.

So, the therapeutic contraindications of the procedure are:

- acute infectious diseases (ARI, ARVI, influenza, etc.);

- inflammation or neoplasm on the skin at the injection site;

- ischemic heart disease and hypertension II-III degree;

- neurotic and mental disorders;

- the presence of non-biodegradable implants introduced earlier;

- Pregnancy and lactation.

The so-called therapeutic inhibitions -relatively little, and in any beauty salon you will be told that the procedure is harmless, completely safe, without complications and so on. However, this is not entirely true, and its results and possible complications depend on the professionalism of the doctor who will perform the tread lifting of the mezonites.

Below we will describe the pitfalls that await many women on their way to perfection:

1. Low level of doctor's professionalism. Perhaps your doctor does wonderful biorevitalization or any other rejuvenation procedure, but this does not yet prove that he will perform the treadlifting at the proper level. At one of the forums, we found a doctor's review, which passed the training courses of treadlifting mezonites. So, if you believe (and do not believe - there is no reason), a long, flexible and very thin needle can be moved to fractions of a millimeter when inserted. Visual changes are not visible, but when the needle is removed from the skin on it an accordion is formed (by analogy with an uneven line on the fabric). Fix an accordion is not possible! Mezoniti is a suture material, and even when they dissolve in place of "marriage", micro fibrosis will remain.

Our advice: do not trust your face to anybody. Look at the results of the doctor's work that you found. If there is no photo of happy patients on the clinic's website, but only Korean faces and video - this should become a "bell". Perhaps the doctors do not have enough experience and are not proud yet, but on your face will once again conduct training.

2. High probability of appearance of cones. In addition to the "accordion" on the skin, the likelihood of cones after the procedure is also great. This complication can be explained by the fact that the filaments have poorly laid, did not straighten at the ends as they separate from the needle-conductor. The probability that the nodules will dissolve is small, in any case, not earlier than the filaments themselves will dissolve, and this is 180-240 days.

Obviously, no doctor can guarantee that this will not happen to you.

3. Individual effect. Do not expect a miracle from 3d-mesonics. Cosmetologists warn that they are best suited for well-groomed and relatively young skin. Do not expect a miracle if you have brightly expressed wrinkles or a weak turgor. The filament lift does not solve the problems of too skin, and is best for the middle and lower parts of the face. That is, 3D mesonites slightly lift their cheeks and correct the oval - that's all. For nasolabial folds, lacrimal glands and pronounced wrinkles, as before, gels or cocktails based on hyaluronic acid for the face are used.

Cost and reviews about the mezzanines

The price of the mezzanine depends on where you do ittredlifting, as well as the number of threads used in this process. The cost of one thread is from 700 to 1500 rubles. The number of threads is determined by the doctor and depends on the skin condition, as well as on the problems that need to be addressed. As a rule, 20-30 threads are needed on the cheekbones, and about 10 on the chin. So it turns out that the average price of the tridlifting of 3d mesonites varies in the region of 10-30 thousand rubles. And if you combine meso filaments with other procedures - the cost will increase significantly.

As for the reviews, then in the network on the forums you canread a lot of negative and positive reviews about tredlifting. Someone did not have results, someone was not quite happy with them, and someone, as we already mentioned above, had complications after the rejuvenation.

Certainly, a small swelling of the face and bruises -quite normal phenomenon, but the thickening or uneven distribution of the skin is a disaster. Therefore, to combine the objective opinion about the mezzanines, based on the reviews, it will not work.

Therefore, we recommend that you see before the procedurethe real result of the work of a cosmetologist (not a photo on the site that can be processed in any digital editor) and only after that - decide to do or not to do the procedure.

Be beautiful and healthy, Your

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