Swelling of eggs

The egg of a normal healthy person resemblessmall, smooth, hard-boiled egg. It has the same shape, structure and density. However, even with swelling, the testicle itself can remain unchanged. In most cases, the swelling does not touch the testicle, but the bag surrounding it. For unknown reasons, the pouch can be filled with a liquid that causes swelling. This disorder, which proceeds without pain, is called hydrocele. Sometimes there is an expansion of the veins of the scrotum and the development of edema. These phenomena may remain unrecognized. Their medical name is varicocele. Most men do not notice varicocele. It resembles a varicose veins. With the development of varicocele, there may be feelings of heaviness and pressure in the scrotum. Edema of the scrotum can be a consequence of infection. Most likely, in such cases, the introduction of bacteria will be felt pain. Any testicular tumor can turn out to be epididymitis, but, of course, you need to exclude cancer. Epididymitis is an infectious disease of epididymis, a meandering tube located behind the testicle and intended for the accumulation and transport of semen.

  • If a tumor is detected or protrudes on a smooth, level surface, the rest of the testicle is formed.
  • If the testicles and scrotum look more edematous and enlarged in size compared to the usual condition.

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